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Vancouver, B.C. Canada

You want to know where to eat, where to shop, where to stay, and where to people watch in Vancouver BC. And we just so happen to want to give you the inside scoop.

VancouverBC.com has become the #1 online resource for residents, tourists, and those dreaming of visiting this little slice of Canadian heaven.

We take our reputation seriously but also save room for the not so serious.  Because traveling and exploring new places is about a little adventure, lots of discovery, and making new connections and memories. VancouverBC.com works hard to deliver you to the most comprehensive and most updated of every possible experience in Vancouver BC. 

We don’t just like Vancouver BC. We kinda have a crush on it. And what good is a crush if you don’t share it with the world?

After all, there may be two waterside cities named Vancouver. But only one of them is consistently rated one of the most ideal in the world to call home.

In 2019, Mercer rated Vancouver BC as #3 in a list of the world’s best cities to live in.
Just sayin’.

Vancouver BC is known for epic scenery, the largest ski resort in North America (Whistler, BC),  its trendy scene (yep, so many hip things started here), and as a renowned destination for foodies.

Heck, Vancouver is even famous for certain potent medicinal plants (we see you, Cannabis).
Vancouver has something for everyone.  Something remarkable, tasty, and a little rainy at times. But that doesn’t keep Vancouver from also being one of the most beloved cities for outdoor activities.

VancouverBC.com takes first-hand, real-life experiences from our city’s die hard enthusiasts and translates them to resources, guides, and tips for locals and travelers. We’ll gladly uncover the best dive bars, favorite secret local spots, family-friendly businesses, and the most insta-worthy places to propose to your partner.

We’ve got it all covered and delivered to you in a simple, relevant format:  local events, directories, blogs, reviews, weather, great deals, and more.

Our mission it to help people enjoy and appreciate Vancouver BC to its fullest.  And since Vancouver likes to be be official with many things (ahem, #3 best place to live), let us be your official city guide focused on Vancouver BC’s arts and culture, entertainment, dining, shopping, travel and tourism, and lifestyle.

Around the block. Around the clock.  We never sleep…so you can.
And in case you were wondering, the best people watching includes a certain donut shop where celebrities often pop in…

Check out our posts and best-of lists to learn more and fall in love with Vancouver BC.