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Top 10 Vancouver Art Galleries

Vancouver is booming with art galleries both around the city and in the suburbs. Most of them are either downtown or on South Granville. Inspired by many local artists, this art-loving city publicly displays many exhibitions, paintings, sculptures and various other pieces of modern art. When you are trekking around the city you will find a variety of these displays of art. Sometimes they change; some remain permanent; but all amaze people as they stroll through city streets and along the seawall. Check out these top ten art galleries in Vancouver.

Vancouver Art Gallery
750 Hornby Street, Vancouver, BC
Tel: 604-662-4719
Web site: www.vanartgallery.bc.ca

About:  Vancouver is one of the most vibrant, progressive cities in the world and home to the historic Vancouver Art Gallery.  It is the mecca of a wealth of creativity and dynamic energy in this city.  Located in the centre of a city, it is recognized as a nurturing ground for artistic talent. Through cutting-edge exhibitions, you will find leaders in the field of contemporary art and Vancouver’s internationally renowned artists being featured here.  The list includes the famous works of Jeff Wall, Ian Wallace, Stan Douglas, Rodney Graham, Roy Arden and Brian Jungen.

The Gallery also houses the magnificent works of significant historical artists, including the most extensive collection of the work of Canada’s beloved Emily Carr.   There are more than 10,000 artworks that you will find at the VAG at any given time making it the Gallery with the most valuable collections in Canada.

Monte Clark Gallery
2339 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC
Tel: 604-730-5000
Web site: www.monteclarkgallery.com

About: The Monte Clark has two locations in Canada including Vancouver.  Here you will find displays specializing in visual arts and photography from leading Canadian and international artists.  Expect the unexpected and to be pleasantly surprised by thought provoking displays from artists of all backgrounds.  From self portraits to displays of struggle, emotions and joy – you will find everything has a story behind it at the Monte Clark Gallery.

Atelier Gallery
2421 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC
Tel: 604-732-3021
Web site: www.ateliergallery.ca

About:  Established in 1974, the Atelier Gallery represents, exhibits and promotes Canadian artists.  Known for showcasing work by artists of commitment and talent, the Atelier Gallery provides a venue for work that encourages public awareness.  If you like to support  new trends and fresh voices – this is a must visit.

Buschlen Mowatt Gallery
#111-1445 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC
Tel: 604-682-1234
Web site: www.buschlenmowatt.com

About:  Established in 1979, Buschlen Mowatt Galleries specializes in modern and contemporary art. This location has earned an international reputation for showcasing some of the world’s most esteemed artists, producing museum calibre exhibitions, and distinguishing emerging talent.

Marilyn S. Mylrea Studio Art Gallery
2341 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC
Tel: 604-736-2450
Web site: www.marilynmylrea.com

About: As a Canadian contemporary artist, Marilyn S. Mylrea, enjoys the freedom of creativity through various themes including contemporary portraiture, contemporary masks, contemporary spiritual art, contemporary sensual art, figurative art, contemporary angelic art, mystical art, landscape art, floral art, representational art, abstract art and contemporary expressionism.

The list goes on!  There is something for all tastes here.

Uno Langmann Limited Fine Art
2117 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC
Tel: 604-736-8825
Web site: www.langmann.com

About:  Uno Langmann Limited is Canada’s foremost specialist in the finest quality European and North American paintings from the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries.  The elegant, neo-classical surroundings of the gallery also showcase a careful selection of antique furniture, silver, and classical objects from eras gone by.

They also offer complimentary evaluations in the gallery with over 40 years of experience.

Catriona Jeffries Gallery
3149 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC
Tel: 604-736-1554
Web site: www.catrionajeffries.com

About:  Recognized around the world for its ongoing rigorous contribution to contemporary art – this gallery represents artists from all corners of the world.  This includes renowned conceptual art histories of Vancouver.

The CJ Gallery is a favorite among artists, writers, curators, museums and private collectors alike.  The gallery is an old auto parts warehouse converted into an amazing work of art itself.

Spirit Wrestler Gallery
47 Water Street, Vancouver, BC
Tel: 604-669-8813
Web site: www.spiritwrestler.com

About: The Spirit Wrestler Gallery is a leading contemporary fine art gallery representing work from artists that belong to a number of Native backgrounds including Inuit, Northwest Coast and Māoriartists. The gallery focuses on exhibitions that showcase contemporary pieces in aboriginal art, including cross-cultural communication, the use of new materials (such as glass and metal), and modern interpretations of shamanism, environmental concerns, and other issues pertaining to the changing world.

Numen Gallery
1058 Mainland Street, Vancouver, BC
Tel: 604-630-6927
Web site: www.numengallery.com

About:  A unique selection of paintings, ceramics, glass, jewellery,  fibre and sculptural art in the heart of Yaletown. Beautiful and evocative creations by Jeina MorosoffNaoko TakenouchiMiyuki Shinkai and more.  If you like fine items for your home or showroom like artistry – this is a great place to have your breath taken away and get inspired.

Appleton Galleries
1644 W 75th Avenue, Vancouver, BC
Tel: 604- 685-1715
Web site: www.appletongalleries.com

About:  Appleton Galleries, formerly located in downtown Vancouver in the late 1960’s has a new location worth a visit.  The new showroom and warehouse in Marpole at the south end of Granville Street is home to some of the best original works from Canadian First Nations and Inuit Art.  The Inuit collection comprises over 2,000 sculptures made of stone, whalebone, and ivory. The Northwest Coast collection contains mainly ceremonial masks and other traditional items crafted of red and yellow cedar.  Here you can also get sales and appraisals for individuals, estates, and other galleries.

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