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Top 10 Things to do on a Sunny Day in Vancouver

If the sun is shining and you are wondering what you should do on this bright and happy day, Vancouver has loads of activities for you. From sunbathing to exploring, there is an activity for everyone, whether you are just visiting or you live here. Vancouver has many beaches to enjoy as well as many parks to explore and discover. Check out the top ten things to do on a sunny day in the city and get outdoors!

Visit Brockton Oval

Take your friend to Brockton Oval, which is just a short drive from Georgia Street in Vancouver’s famous landmark Stanley Park.
The parking is located at the first parking lot when you enter Stanley Park. This field of grass is a sporting field and while some days you
might catch a Military Brass Band showing off their skills, other days you might be able to catch a cricket game or two. There is a gift
shop and concession stand if you get hungry or thirsty. You must pay for parking. Head to English Bay

Go and do some people-watching around the beach at English Bay. With its many recreational sports and activities such as beach volleyball, rollerblading, cycling and kayaking, you will always be able to stay entertained on a hot sunny day. Suntan beside driftwood logs on the long beach, but be careful—you can get burnt in Vancouver sunshine!

Go Skiing

Go skiing? Are you mad? No, it’s true. The sun does shine when the snow is still on top of Mount Seymour, Whistler, Cypress Mountain and Grouse Mountain. You can spend the day skiing down some amazing slopes with the sun on your face and the wind in your hair. Beware of the goggle suntan though! Wear sunblock on your face at all times.

Take a Trip to Seattle

Only a short 2-hour drive from Vancouver, Seattle is this city’s American neighbour. If it is sunny outside in the morning, leave early and cross the border for the drive to downtown Seattle. It is very clean there and on weekends visitors can enjoy a trip to the Pike Place Market by the oceanfront. There are numerous souvenirs, art sculptures, gadgets, food items, and clothing bargains to be had. Just like Vancouver, it also has a Starbucks on every corner for caffeine lovers.

A Day in Whistler

Only 3 hours away up the Sea to Sky Highway you can find a spectacular village that is visited every year by international tourists and locals alike. Whistler is a great place to go for the day and enjoy some fun. Whistler Village is full of bars, entertainment and great restaurants—there is always something to do. Whistler isn’t only about skiing, and they have many events in the summer as well.

Take a Stroll

Why not take a stroll on the seawall and give your body some exercise while you take in the nature and fresh air? There is no need to spend time indoors on such a lovely day and you are guaranteed to feel rejuvenated after a nice long stroll or speed-walk along the water’s edge. It is also a great place for people-watching or taking your furry friend out for a constitutional.

A Picnic in the Park

Get a blanket, some food and drinks and head to Stanley Park for a picnic. Find a place close to the water and enjoy some time away from the stresses of modern life. Take a loved one or friend with you to share your delicious basket treats, and don’t worry—there isn’t a Yogi bear in this forest!

Splish Splash!

Plan a day out at one of the lower mainland’s top water parks. Take the family and let the kids run around and splash the day away in the water. Some major parks include Cultus Lake Waterpark and Splashdown Park. Granville Island also boasts a kid’s water park, as well as Stanley Park. Enjoy cooling down for the day!

Get onto the Water

Whether it’s a yacht, a tugboat, a jet ski, wave runners, kayaks, or a canoe, just do it! On a glorious sunny day it might be a good idea to get out and enjoy some water activities. Get your drysuit or wetsuit on and grab a friend to go experience the Pacific Ocean with you. Don’t forget your life jacket!


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Adam Toren
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