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Top 10 Things to Do in Stanley Park

If you would love to visit Stanley Park and you are going to make a trip to this wonderful landmark you should plan some activities for you and your loved ones to enjoy. There are many things to do in Stanley Park for kids, and lots for adults to experience as well. Stanley Park is the third largest park in Canada and it attracts thousands of tourists every year. Plan your visit today by checking out some of these fun activities.

Children’s Farmyard

Take the kiddies to the farmyard, located within the park itself. It has over 200 animals from 50 different species to discover. It has two barns and a pond, and is based on just over one acre of land. The children can see animals such pigs, goats, sheep and a variety of reptiles and birds.

Dine Out

You can always enjoy Stanley Park as you over look tall trees and lush greenery while dining at one the restaurants in the area. The Fish House Restaurant is famous for its seafood and fancy atmosphere. There is also Sequoia Grill to enjoy and Prospect Point Café to try out. What could be better than being one with nature while you try phenomenal dishes such as stuffed crab mushrooms, basil gnocchi and crab ravioli?

Miniature Train

The kids will love this miniature train ride that travels throughout Stanley Park and gives rides to over 200,000 people every year. It is a replica of a Canadian Pacific Railway Train that ran in the 1880’s. Children will repeatedly ask to visit this attraction for another train ride whenever they can, so be warned!


A picnic is a marvelous and inexpensive thing to do in Stanley Park. You can sit and dine anywhere in the park—the best spots are close to the waterfront and near the beaches. Take some treats, drinks, a blanket and some music or reading material and relax in the sun or shade with your friends.

Second Beach Pool

If you feel like cooling off and going for a swim, make sure you visit Second Beach with friends or family. They have a great pool for everyone to enjoy and cool down in on a hot summer day. It also has a kiosk with hotdogs, ice cream and other snacks and food. Jump on in!

Horse-Drawn Carriages

You can take an educational ride with a horse-drawn carriage between the months of May and October, approximately a one-hour tour of Stanley Park. Tours leave every 20 minutes from the horse-drawn carriage tour desk on Park Drive. Check out the Web site atwww.stanleyparktours.com for more information.

Vancouver Aquarium

Don’t forget a visit to the Vancouver Aquarium where families and friends can see over 7,000 species of aquatic animals and have encounters with sea otters, sea turtles and dolphins. There is a gift shop to browse through and a café to grab a snack at. This is definitely a must-see in Vancouver!

Theatre under the Stars

Sit and enjoy some wonderful weather as you await the rising of the curtains. Musicals and other theatre productions are played on this theatre stage and they always have a new show coming up. Visit www.tuts.com for more information on scheduled plays and entertainment.

Totem Poles

Check out one of the best tourist attractions, located at Brockton Point in Stanley Park. With totem poles dating back to 1880, there is a lot here to learn about native aboriginal art. This is definitely a photo opportunity for tourists and locals alike.

Visit the Lost Lagoon

You can find Lost Lagoon when you enter Stanley Park from Georgia Street. It is beautiful, and has sparkling water and a flowing waterfall situated in the middle of the lagoon. The Vancouver Rowing Club is on the right along with the marina, and visitors can learn about the Vancouver Ecology Society and park fauna and flora.


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