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Top 10 Places to See a Vancouver Sunset

If you are visiting Vancouver you are sure to catch a fabulous sunset. There are so many great places to observe this phenomenon of nature around the city of Vancouver—many of the areas are by the water so you can catch a sparkling view, while some are on top of a mountain or in a park area. See red-sienna skies tinged with all types of charming colours. Here are the 10 best places to see a Vancouver sunset.

The Inukshuk on English Bay

Just down the seawall on English Bay is the landmark Inukshuk. If you sit on one of the grassy hills by English Bay and wait for the sun to go down you will be transfixed by the view. With the Inukshuk standing in front like a silhouette and the glorious orange and red skies in the background, this is definitely the time to have a camera with you. Click!

Kitsilano Beach

Kitsilano Beach is very popular with tourists in the summer and if you want to escape the crowds and watch a peaceful sunset then you can walk away from the main beach into the more secluded areas. You will be able to chill out and watch as the sun sets over the city of Vancouver.

Spanish Banks

Just hidden away from the maddening crowd and west of Tomlie Street on NW Marine Drive you will find Spanish Banks. It is quiet enough for you to go out there and just relax, while you get your camera ready and wait for the sun to go down. There are two beaches—Spanish Banks West and East—for visitors to choose from. Not many people know about the fabulous sunsets at Spanish Banks, which is a good thing!

The Cliffs at Pacific Spirit Park

Close to the University of British Columbia’s model rainforest is the Pacific Spirit Park. The sun will set over the Vancouver Island mountains and the Straight of Georgia and it is definitely a panoramic picture moment. Take your camera!

Cypress Provincial Park 1st Lookout

With views of the Lower Mainland and the Vancouver Island mountains, this sunset location never ceases to amaze visitors. People travel from all over to see a spectacular sunset from this top location just outside of downtown Vancouver.

Jericho Beach

Just past Kitsilano Beach at 1515 Discovery Street is glorious Jericho Beach. Home to a well-known Hostelling International hostel, this sunset location is much-loved by transients and backpackers who have come to visit the amazing city of Vancouver. You can take some drinks and snacks and go sit on the beach to mellow out with your friends.

Grouse Mountain

Watch a sunset at the top of Grouse Mountain. Take the gondola up to the Observatory restaurant and dine, with views of the whole city as the sun goes down. This hotspot is only 15 minutes out of downtown and you are sure to enjoy breathtaking views of downtown Vancouver and its many sparkling lights and highrises.

Cloud 9 Restaurant

This restaurant is a great choice if you want to catch sunset views from all over Vancouver as well as a great view of the North Shore mountains. As it is a rotating restaurant with huge windows, this restaurant shows every angle of the city. You can dine, enjoy some wine and take panoramic photos of the mountains and city.

Stanley Park

You can pretty much catch a sunset at almost any area in Stanley Park as long as you are at the water’s edge. If you head over to the Coal Harbour area just east of Stanley Park you can go to the Lift Bar and Grill to enjoy sunset views over the water. You also can go to Second or Third Beach for some fine ocean views, relaxation and sunset swimming.

The Seawall

You can catch a Vancouver sunset that will capture your heart almost everywhere along the seawall. It stretches around the city from the east side to the west and there are amazing sunsets at every corner. Don’t forget a pair of good walking shoes!


Adam Toren

Adam Toren
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