Posted March 7, 2009 by Adam Toren in Vancouver Real Estate

Olympic-size costs

sportsIsn’t it time the Olympic committee builds their own permanent summer and winter games site?

Winter Games can be held in Iceland and the summer games in the south of France or somewhere warm.  Maybe some little island in the middle of nowhere. Why is it every two years cities all over the world fight for the rights to the games and then go broke paying for them? They are getting to expensive. Build the permanent site and let different continents play host (for a fee of course).

London is sorry they have won the rights to host the summer games in 2012 and I’m sure there are many people who supported the Vancouver-Whistler bid who are now thinking the same thing about 2010.

The city of Vancouver appears ready to bail themselves out. Really?

While the waterfront condos will be quite valuable at some point in the future it’s unlikely they will be able to sit on them while the real estate market rebounds. About 250 of the 750 condo units have been pre-sold. The project’s financing costs, last I heard pegged at $875 million, has landed in the lap of the city of Vancouver and its taxpayers.

As the host country in ’76 and ’88, Canada became the first country not to win a gold medal while hosting the Olympics. We better win a gold medal this time around because we might not have the chance to do it again.

Adam Toren

Adam Toren
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