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Nobody Here but Us Chickens

nobody-here-but-us-chickensThe city of Vancouver is one step closer to allowing city folk to act like country folk and keep chickens in their backyards.

Councillors voted unanimously to direct staff to study the issue and draft a bylaw amendment which could happen by June.

For those with a romantic image of gathering fresh eggs from happy birds clucking away contently, you are in for a wake up call. I grew up on a farm, and as a young boy one of my jobs was to gather eggs.

I hated it. Why?

Newsflash! Chickens peck!!!

Like feathered pit bulls, really.

And guess what, they will get out and make a mess. They eat anything. They poop a lot. They can also fly (not a great distance but enough to clear a fence or hedge). They will dig up your garden, there will be feathers everywhere and humans aren’t the only ones who like chicken.

Coyotes, dogs, raccoons, mink, even other chickens have been known to peck on one another. Imagine little Suzy waking up to that image!

Suddenly we are just a step away from cockfighting! Then the police have to direct their resources to stop that which could result in mayhem to the point where the military is called in. Then with the Canada’s military converging on the lower mainland, a foreign power may seize the opportunity to stake claim to Canada’s north. America steps in and says “Not so fast!”  Soon missiles are flying and all hell breaks loose around the world!

And it all started over one lousy backyard chicken.

Or was it an egg?

OK, perhaps the scenario was a little extreme but having to gather eggs everyday can feel like the end of the world to a little kid.  “Buck” up and get your eggs from the store along with your milk and meat.

And don’t even get me started on cows…

Adam Toren

Adam Toren
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