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Blow it out your driveway

abcWhen I say the word “snow” what comes to mind? If you say “snow is beautifully geometric ice crystals – adding brightness and beauty to dull winter’s day.” You are not from around here.

Most in Metro Vancouver would just shiver at the thought after the big dump of ’08. The white Christmas became the wiped-out Christmas for many as the snow just never seemed to stop falling. In total, about a meter of snow fell, usually 4-6 inches at a time. Getting around town was difficult yet somehow the malls were still packed on Boxing Day. Go figure.

Among the list of commuting low-lites:

–          Skytrain ran with its door open and a near riot took place at the Metro Town Skytrain station.

–          Someone didn’t get the e-mail to de-ice the Translink trolley bus wires.

–          A week into the New Year and YVR still has a huge stack of luggage sitting unclaimed. Flights were delayed, delayed and delayed and often cancelled.

Of course the biggest complaint, as evident in the Letters to the Editor and on the open-line talk shows was the seemingly lack of preparedness by municipal governments to deal with so much snow on our streets.  They will bring out the balance sheet to show that they have spent more than they have budgeted for snow removal. So?  Aside from the major routes which see a lot of vehicle traffic many streets were lucky to see a plow and because of that, lucky to have garbage and recycling picked up either.

It seems there was much finger-crossing and forecast watching with the hope the big rain would come and wash everything away. (Don’t get me started on the weather forecasters!) The rains came but not before the piled snow was 6 feet deep. I’m not suggesting we push the panic button and bring the army in to clear the streets like Toronto had to do in January 1999 (http://archives.cbc.ca/environment/extreme_weather/clips/12772/ ) but was that the best they could do? Many citizens did their best to clear off the sidewalks but in many places bus passengers had the option of walking through 3 feet of snow or walk on the side of the already narrowed lanes on the street. Pick your poison.

We had a week of winter last year and 3 weeks this year. Will we be ready for the next time the weatherman calls for snow?

Adam Toren

Adam Toren
Adam Toren is born and raised in Vancouver BC and loves everything Vancouver BC has to offer. He loves traveling and exploring new and unique restaurants and places around the world.