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Yaletown Restaurants – Enjoy an Unforgettable Dining experience in Yaletown Restaurants

Yaletown is an up-and-coming Vancouver neighborhood with much excitement and many things to offer.  Filling up with young professionals and budding families, this area offers great shopping, entertainment, and of course, food.  The variety of Yaletown restaurants includes cuisines such as Italian, Vietnamese, and down-home Canadian.  Read on for reviews and discover your new favorite eatery!
If you’re up for having a lively night with your significant other or your buddies, pizza is always a safe and loveable option among young and old.  The popularity of Capone’s Restaurant & Live Jazz Club soars, and the fun of eating here is the live jazz 7 nights a week.  Capone’s provides great service by smiling employees, and a wide selection of menu choices from pasta to salmon.  Due to the onslaught of jazz lovers, you’ll certainly want to make sure you make reservations and plan on enjoying the atmosphere for awhile as things can get packed in a hurry!  Other great pizza joints to try are Bella Pizza for a cool old-school ambience, and Panago Pizza for some tasty inexpensive grub.
Perhaps you’re the type who likes a good, snuggly café for late night chatter and warm drinks or a yummy dessert after dinner.  Among the long list of Yaletown restaurants, you’ll find plenty of cafes nestled among the neighborhood.  Chocolat is where you’ll want to go for different spins on an old favorite-hot chocolate.  Pastries and tea are also choices to opt for in this quaint little café.  Try the fondue or a truffle and you’ll be glad you did.  Death By Chocolate is a newer café specializing in tasty treats and good-looking lattes. Blenz Coffee and Café O are terrific for sipping java and people watching.   For a French café full of tantalizing crepes in exotic flavors, try Doux CrepesGanache Patisserie is also French in taste and style, but a favorite among locals-just read the reviews to see for yourself.  If you’ve got a sweet tooth, or want to impress your date, Ganache is where you’ll want to head.
Vancouver has fantastic Asian restaurants due to its large population of Asian residents.  If you’re not in Chinatown, then Yaletown is the next best spot to have some great Asian cuisine.  Fuse Pan Asian Express is great value for Yaletown’s pricey façade, and provides great take-out in a flash.  If you like Stir Fry or vegetarian dishes, you’ll love this small often over-looked jewel.  Honjin Sushi is a popular Japanese restaurant for mid-range priced dishes and friendly service, and Bistro Sakana is a “new concept” sushi spot with employees that tend to remember your name if you drop by often enough.  For some great soup, places like Ezogiku Noodle Café and Bistro Sakana Japanese are worth a try.   Asian Garden is a Vietnamese and Thai establishment that serves up large portions for a small price.  For a great location to hang with friends or have a date, Chilli House Thai Bistroprovides amazing views and great food on the waterfront.  Chilli’s has received rave reviews for their friendly service and decent prices, and is perfect for large parties.
Italian food is an all-time favorite and often a staple of our diets whether we realize it or not.  Lasagna, spaghetti, and other pasta dishes we adore are served up fresh and hot at Yaletown restaurants like Cioppino’s Mediterranean Grill.  Be prepared to spend big bucks here, but the food is worth it as well as the atmosphere the restaurant provides for birthdays and quiet evenings with a loved one.  La Terrazza will give you a taste of the old country with their lovely garden patio, private dining rooms, and classic Italian dishes.  Expect friendly service and reasonable prices.  If you’re up for an unpretentious restaurant with a varied and plentiful menu, Amarcord Restaurant is the place for you.  Eat up some tasty Northern Italian cuisine and choose your favorite flavor from the extensive wine list or full bar.  As mentioned earlier, Capone’s Restaurant & Live Jazz Club is also a great choice for Italian dining amidst fantastic music.
Ah, what’s a visit to Vancouver, a city on the water, without having some seafood?  Yaletown restaurants feature many great places specializing in fresh fish, shellfish, and sashimi, like Blue Water Café + Raw Bar. You will pay through the nose, but the top-notch food here is undeniably worth it, and the experience is one you won’t forget. Goldfish Pacific Kitchen is where you’ll wanna go if you feel good decoration and lighting are important aspects of dining out.  From halibut to oysters, you’ll find what you’re after here and can follow it up with a yummy dessert from their menu.  Goldfish also features many creative non-alcoholic drinks.  Hamilton Street Grill may specialize in steaks, but their seafood selection is nothing to snub your nose at.  Enjoy the heated patio while you dine on sablefish with risotto or salmon, or reserve one of their private rooms for a dinner party or business affair.
Some people are just into steak and potatoes.  If you’re one of them, try outPinky’s Steakhouse and Cocktail Lounge.  Get yourself an impressive portion of Sterling Silver Beef, a baked potato, and one of their famous oversized classic martinis and you’ll be sure to fall in love.  Good service and a relaxing atmosphere are only icing on the cake.  Cactus Club Café has a very wide selection of menu options, but you’ll come back for the steak.  Gather up your pals and spend an evening ogling the fantastic décor and beautiful waitresses, or chill out on the patio with some drinks.  Of course, don’t forget Hamilton Street Grill!
Everyone loves a deli, and thankfully Yaletown does too.  Boulangerie La Parisienne is a quaint, though pricey, bakery serving up pastries and sandwiches.   Euro Pastry House has a stunning mix of flavors that can cater to just about anyone, and are quite well known for their Euro Chicken Schnitzel Sandwich.  Also available are coffee, burgers, and soups made on the spot.  For some Polish goodies and quick finger foods, visit Kolachy Shop, where they stuff pastries with whatever you’ve got a hunger for, from eggs and sausage to even pizza ingredients.  Dessert pastries and turnovers filled with fruit preserves and nuts are sure to satisfy your craving for something sweet.  Don’t overlook Phat, the hockey memorabilia-filled Jewish deli that serves up sandwiches and bagels as well as martinis and beer to wash them down.  You’ll especially be impressed with their smoked meat.  Now that’s kosher!

Other Yaletown restaurants not listed in the categories above but are definitely worth a mention are places like Opa! Souvlaki of Greece, where you can find inexpensive authentic Greek food; Jonker Street Restaurant for some delicious, low-priced Malaysian dishes in a great location; the new and improved Milestone’s Grill and Bar for Canadian/American fare; Grounds for Appeal for some Indian/Pakistani food; Glowball Grill and Satay Bar for some fantastic fine dining and creative food; and the hip George best known for their cocktails, but also serving up good grub.


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