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Where to Find Work in Vancouver

Whether you are looking for temporary, part-time, or full-time work in Vancouver, there is a job for you. It is only a matter of conducting research, staying motivated and being patient. Finding a job isn’t always easy and it can take time as you go from interview to interview.  Vancouver’s job market can be a tough place to enter and you have to develop the right interview techniques and research skills to get the right job for you. Start with these recommendations to get you started on your job search and find a job you will love…

Start by looking in our job section of VancouverBC.com. You will find job postings that match your experience and criteria. Other job websites will allow you to browse through jobs and find the best career match for you whether you are in a professional trade, marketing or hospitality. There are also many more websites that you can research such as Monster Jobs and Workopolis.  Take your time and browse through the jobs that are best suited to your personality and skills, as well as your past experience or schooling.

Check in the local newspapers such as The Province and the Vancouver Sun. Sometimes the Georgia Straight and 24 Hour papers have a few jobs that you can browse through.
Looking for a job will not be an easy task, but if you stay motivated and focused you will find your dream job in Vancouver. There are many jobs to choose from in the city and it is best to do your research and find something you would like to do instead of settling for a dead-end job. Follow the above techniques, do your research, find successful recruitment agencies, format a great resume and go for the gold.

Adam Toren

Adam Toren
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