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Vancouver Restaurants Overview

Perennially voted one of the best dining cities in North America, always competing for foodie accolades against other major international cities such as London, Paris and New York, Vancouver is a food lover’s paradise. There are so many restaurants opening up every week and the amount of international cuisines offered is amazing. Locals in Vancouver have been known to dine out more than those in the rest of the Canadian cities and there is a wide range of menus to suit every type of budget. Tourists love to visit the city and sample tasty cuisines from some of the world’s best chefs. Yaletown is always changing and there is a new restaurant popping up every month. Robson Street is filled with so many restaurants that it is hard to choose just one, so visitors and locals might just restaurant-hop throughout their entire stay in Vancouver. Formal or informal—there is a place to match everyone’s style and tastes. Some of the best restaurants even allow you to wear jeans!

Among the cuisines offered are Korean,Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Tex Mex, Mexican, Indian, Thai, Greek, Italian, French, Irish, and so much more. Sushi fanatics always love a trip to this city where there are sushi places on every block, and primarily on Robson Street. Visitors must try the Pacific Coast seafood in restaurants, as BC has some of the freshest and most creative dishes anywhere. Try fresh oysters, mussels, salmon and crab at Joe Fortes Seafood and Chop House or dine at the Fish House in Stanley Park. BC wine is also very popular and most of the best restaurants have it on their wine lists. BC wines are becoming popular all over the world and are now competing favourably against major league vintages from Australia and California. Vancouverites are coffee drinkers and you might just pick up on this because there is a Starbucks or Blenz on every corner. The coffee craze may have begun in Seattle, but it has definitely crossed over into Vancouver. Starbucks even hands out espresso samples on the street, so you’re never too far from a caffeine buzz!

Tips: There will be a goods and services tax of 6% added to your cheque. It is best to reserve your table earlier if you are going with a group or booking in the summer, on holidays or on weekends.


Adam Toren

Adam Toren
Adam Toren is born and raised in Vancouver BC and loves everything Vancouver BC has to offer. He loves traveling and exploring new and unique restaurants and places around the world.