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Vancouver Real Estate – Locations Where You’ll Find the Best Vancouver Real Estate

If you’re in the market for a new home or a vacation home in the Vancouver area, there’s good news!  The options for Vancouver real estate have never been better than now.  Vancouver boasts many communities that would love to add you and your family to its list of friendly neighbors.  Prices on homes have been lowered due to declining sales, but that doesn’t necessarily mean there’s any lack of homes available.  Read on to discover which neighborhood you might like to begin calling home.



Having once been a train and warehouse district, trendy Yaletown is now home to beautiful high-rise condos, townhouses, and penthouses.  Only about 10 years old and home to many young professionals and young families, Yaletown is bordered by the seawall and offers amenities such as a grocery market, daycare, new marina, and tons of new restaurants.  Property purchases in Yaletown typically run about $550-1500 per square foot, and the spaces tend to be on the more compact side of 400-550 square feet.  Some think Yaletown is reminiscent of Manhattan in that respect.  If you’re looking for Vancouver real estate among the elite, Yaletown is where you’ll find it.



Also known as “Kits”, Kitsilano is one of Vancouver’s most popular neighborhoods and was nothing more than a forest in the early 19th century.  Kits houses the University of British Columbia, so there are many students in this area.  Therefore, the community is riddled with laid-back hangouts, shopping meccas, and plenty of restaurants.  Here you will also find the bustling Kitsilano Beach.  This growing area has a New Age feel to it, and you’ll find smaller condominiums, single-family homes, and older apartment buildings (some of these are grand old houses that have been converted to multiple dwellings) are among the residences offered.  Kits tends to be on the pricier side due to the influx of students seeking roommates and college housing, but do not let that deter you-there are many families settling here as well, and many activities (like the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre and Vancouver Maritime Museum) geared toward them.


False Creek

Another popular neighborhood, False Creek will no doubt house some of the best Vancouver real estate in this budding area.  Granville Island is the hub of False Creek’s entertainment and shopping opportunities. There are many things to do on Granville Island like touring museums, dining at restaurants, shopping in the Public Market, and browsing the craft shops; all easily reachable by taking a trip across the water on the Aquabus.  The False Creek/Granville Island area is perfect for those that have children, as it features many kid-friendly activities and establishments like the water park and playground.  Offering mainly condos and townhouses (and even houseboats!) starting from the mid $200s, the beauty of this waterfront neighborhood is well worth the money.


Commercial Drive

Every neighborhood has its nickname, and what was once known as “Little Italy” is now referred to as “the Drive”.  Welcome to Commercial Drive, the apple of the Vancouver film industry’s eye.  This area holds great appeal to young bohemian types with 21 blocks of housing, coffee shops, art stores, delis and discount outlets-mostly owner-operated single locations that make them unique and favored among the residents.  There are lots of Victorian and Edwardian homes here, as well as many other historic buildings, and luckily restoration has become a big hit of late.  Houses here are rather pricey-even the small ones-and the apartments expensive in conjunction with their size (for example, a 1 bedroom 1 bath apartment at 560 sq ft went for $299,000).  Yet, for this price you receive beauty and a home layered with history.



Surely you know about the famous first-ever steam clock located in Gastown, but did you know about the Vancouver real estate available in Canada’s third largest city?  This historic and popular tourist attraction is also a favorite among locals if you’re up for a day of strolling on cobbled streets along the waterfront.  Enjoy shops that cater to visitors as well as residents, dining, cafes, offices, and commercial businesses that serve not only Canada but the rest of the world as well.  Living arrangements include condos and lofts, with studios starting from the $250s and one bedrooms starting from the low $300s.  These dwellings are unique and modern, most with great views, and all surrounded by the exciting neighborhood of Gastown.


Robson Street

Known for its upscale shopping and located in the heart of downtown, Robson Street also houses some great real estate opportunities in Vancouver.  Known as the Hollywood of the North, spot some stars while you stroll through your own neighborhood.  Like every major shopping area, there are also many diverse dining opportunities, nightclubs, and coffee shops in addition to the boutiques and brand name stores like Gucci and Gap.


Downtown Core

The downtown core is just that, the core of Vancouver.  Large hotels, financial corporations, shopping districts, and tourist attractions reside here, as well as some fantastic Vancouver real estate.  If you’ve gotta be right in the middle of it all, then the downtown core is for you.  Prices have certainly dropped in this area, but that is only good news for you!  Condos are plentiful here and start in the low $200s, though they average closer to $300,000.  For an 1100 square foot duplex you could pay upwards of $550,000.  It depends on where you want to be, how much space you have to have, and what price you’re willing to part with in order to be among the throng of the downtown crowd.



Feeling like you’d rather live in an area with some ethnic diversity?  Chinatown may be for you.  This just happens to be the largest Chinatown in all of North America.  This area holds many exciting festivals and annual events that residents and tourists have come to wait for with baited breath.  Though there are many older generations residing here, young people are starting to find Chinatown an enticing place to live due to the cultural influence and amenities this nostalgically attractive city offers.


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