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Vancouver Hotel Rooms – Basic Questions to Ask Before you Book Vancouver Hotel Rooms

Vancouver Hotel Rooms – What You Should Ask About Vancouver Hotel Rooms When Calling Hotels

Everyone wants to make sure they can get the most for every dollar then spend.  When you are planning your stay at Vancouver hotel rooms, there are some questions you should ask before you book to make sure you get the best of the best.  What is best for you may not be what is best for the next guest that calls.

Here are some basic questions to ask before you book.

What are the Differences in the Rooms at this Same Price?

Many Vancouver hotel rooms are different even when the price is the same and they are in the same building.  Be sure to ask when you call which rooms in the price you are looking at are preferable.  Certain rooms are more desirable for a number of reasons and if you don’t ask you’ll probably just get luck of the draw.  Some rooms may be larger than others at the same price.  Some may have been renovated more recently.  Some may have special decorations.  Some rooms may have a better view or be more easily accessible.  These minor differences may not change the rate the hotel charges, but they make a huge difference in how much you enjoy your stay.

What Room is most Popular and Why?

By asking about which room is most popular and why that is, you will get on the inside track.  The most popular room is not necessarily the most expensive room, but there is usually good reason it is the most requested.  People who frequent Vancouver hotel rooms and are travel savvy find ways to discover the best room in the building, and you can get in on that sweet little secret too if you just take the time to ask the question.

What makes your Hotel Preferable to your Competitors?

You may be surprised to hear the answer to the question of why that particular hotel thinks it has the best Vancouver hotel rooms.  You will probably get a stock answer in part, but by engaging the person you are talking to you may find out some things that are very true.  Maybe their hotel has advantages that others do not such as a shuttle to the airport or a highly acclaimed restaurant on the property.  Perhaps there is a beautiful park or popular attraction within walking distance.  You may even learn things about other hotels that you would only be told from a competitor such as if there is nosy construction going on or if it is nearly impossible to get in and out of the hotel site.  You may even find that the representative you speak to doesn’t seem to have a reason they feel their hotel is better than their competitors and that in and of itself can speak volumes.

Are there any Fees or Charges in Addition to the Quoted Rate?

Some Vancouver hotel rooms have a lower price listed for their room charge because there are hidden fees and charges for all sorts of other things.  Think of all the things you may need out of your room.  If you need wireless Internet, find out if there will be an additional charge to use it.  If you expect to make phone calls, find out if there is a charge to do this from your room.  Be sure to ask about local and long distance phone charges.  Some hotels even charge for parking, so if you want a true idea how much the room will cost in comparison to other options, be sure you know all the charges you might incur.

Do you have any Free Breakfast or other Complimentary Food Services?

Free continental breakfast can be a great way to save time and money when you are on your vacation.  Ask for the specifics of the breakfast if they do offer one.  Sometimes all they have is coffee and donuts that run out by 7 a.m.  Other hotels may have muffins, cereal, fruit, juice, donuts and several gourmet coffee flavors.  Not only may you find great value in a complimentary breakfast, you may find value in the items that means you have access to.  So many times you find that you could use some napkins or a plastic fork, and if the hotel offers free breakfast they probably also have some of these handy items 24 hours a day.


Do you have any Special Discounts or Package Prices?


Hotels have all sorts of discounts and price reductions that they won’t offer if you don’t ask.  Sometimes these discounts are for seniors or military or government employees.  Sometimes the rate is better on the Internet than it is at the counter, and they will honor the Internet price typically if you just bring it up.  Certain hotels will give reduced rates to members of travel associations like CAA.  Be sure to ask about any discounts they offer because you never know when you might qualify.  Sometimes, if you are suave enough, they may even honor the discount given to a particular group even if you are not actually a member.  Package prices are another great thing to inquire about to save money.  Often hotels partner with other businesses so that if you do business with both you will receive a discount.  Airlines and car rentals often have package prices with certain hotels.  Local museums and attractions admission is sometimes included in the price of the room.  Sometimes hotels will even put together packages of multiple services for people like honeymooners or those attending a popular event or convention.

How Booked is the Hotel during my Expected Stay?

During certain times and events you may have no choice but to stay in Vancouver hotels that are overrun with people.  If there isn’t a known reason for a huge onslaught of people, inquire why the hotel is so full if the occupancy rate is high.  You may be very disappointed if you check into a hotel for some peace and quiet only to find that a large wedding is being held there the same weekend or a large group is hosting a class reunion.

When large groups of people have booked several Vancouver hotel rooms, you can almost bet that you wouldn’t have the best stay.  These people are spending a lot of money at one time with the hotel, so they hotel is likely to cater to their needs and wants over yours.  Even if you don’t mind that the large group is staying there, you may want to at least request a room that is as far away from them as possible.  Otherwise you may find yourself still awake in the wee hours of the morning listening to them party.

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