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Vancouver Hotel Reservations – Useful Information to Consider Before you Make Hotel Reservations

Vancouver Hotel Reservations – Don’t Make Vancouver Hotel Reservations without Reading This First

After travel, the second major expense on any holiday is the hotel accommodation. If you are making plans for a budget Vancouver holiday, you need to be hotel savvy and know how to look for cheap Vancouver hotel reservations.

Never Pay Full Price if you do not Have To

It’s a very rare person who would actually want to pay full price for something if you they didn’t absolutely have to.  Irrespective of what you want to buy, you are likely to find it at a discounted rate if you look hard enough. Usually you don’t have to and this is very true when booking Vancouver hotel reservations.  Many people know to haggle over the price of things like cars and houses, but the same can and should be done for hotel rates as well.

A Sneak Peek at the Reservations Desk

First, you need to understand why you can expect to get a lower than published price on any hotel room.  A hotel only makes maximum profit if their rooms are completely booked, and they rarely are.  Giving you a room at a reduced rate is better than not having a guest in the room at all.  Of course the hotel is going to attempt to get a premium price for each room but usually they have discounts that they are more than happy to give if you just ask.

To be able to get the best price possible, you need to be informed.  Search on the Internet and find the cheapest rate you can for the hotel at which you intend to stay.  Also get the lowest published price of hotels in the area that are very similar so you can ask for a price match if the other hotels are lower.  Tell them (and mean it) that you prefer to stay at their establishment but if they are not willing to reduce the price you will stay at another location.

Qualifying for a Discount… Or Maybe Not

You also need to ask a bunch of questions to get the best room at the best rate possible.  You may qualify for discounts the hotel is willing to give without question if you just ask for the discount.  Many hotels give discounts for military and government employees.  Often they have a senior rate or will not charge you for an extra occupant if it is a child.  They may have discounts available if you say you found them through a certain travel agency or travel association such as CAA.

There are many different discounts that are given all the time and often it only takes inquiring about them to receive them.  You may even be able to convince them to give you a discount that you don’t actually qualify for if they think you will not take the room without a rate reduction.

Rarely should you ever need to pay full price for Vancouver hotel reservations.  Often asking for a discount is all it takes to get one.  Be sure to approach the hotel in a friendly yet adamant way that you know that discounts exist and if they won’t give you one, you are sure one of their competitors will.  This is one of the approaches that has been known to work unfailingly time after time.

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Adam Toren
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