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Speed Dating in Vancouver

If you want to try a new approach to dating and are tired of long dates and set-ups that don’t go anywhere, then maybe speed dating is for you. You can meet numerous singles within minutes and find out a little about each person. You will hear all about their hobbies, interests, travels, profession and family in just a few minutes! The way speed dating works is that a group of men are sitting down and the women move around to each man and they talk for a very short period of time.

You can figure out who you find interesting after a few minutes of conversation and then decide if you want to see that person again. Speed dating works for some people who can handle the fast pace while some other people might need more time to figure out if they wish to set up a date with someone. It can also be a fun and casual event to attend with friends and have a good laugh. Many speed dating companies now offer snacks, drinks, coffee, music, themed events, lighting and more to keep you relaxed, entertained and comfortable. Check out some of Vancouver’s best speed dating companies below and get ready to play musical chairs!

25 Dates hosts events in which you can meet 25 friendly people all in one evening. This way you get more time and more options to meet the mate of your dreams. Visit the website atwww.25dates.com.  With each date lasting only eight minutes, www.8minutedating.comallows you to enjoy eight whole dates in only one night. You can then state which person you would like to see again after the event is over. If you are looking to meet Asian singles then you can visit www.letthesparksfly.com and meet over 20 possible new love interests. Rendezvous Club hosts social events and speed dating in Vancouver and they also create a sexy and fun atmosphere for you to meet someone special. Visit the website at www.rclub.ca for event information and dates. www.hurrydate.com offers individuals the chance to meet 25 new people during an hour and a half in a casual environment. www.Vancouverspeeddating.com is Vancouver’s leading speed dating company and offers age range events and mini-dates throughout the evening.


Adam Toren

Adam Toren
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