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Richmond is situated on and around a group of little islands in the great Fraser River. Vancouver’s International Airport, also known as YVR, is located in the city of Richmond and is only a short 20-minute drive or 40-minute bus trip away from the city of Vancouver. Richmond has the second-largest Asian community in all of North America and it has loads of restaurants, karaoke bars and tons of malls. It is also a unique community with an exciting and eclectic mix of cultures only a short 25-minute drive from the United States border. It is a fast-growing city, and features both busy urban areas and rural farmland.

If you get hungry, you can head over to the Shanghai River restaurant at 7831 Westminster Highway and taste some of the best handmade noodles in town. The Richmond Night Market is also a great place to spend a summer afternoon or evening and you will find loads of crafts, deals and cool items. The Richmond Night Market is held on Saturday and Sundays throughout the summer at 12631 Vulcan Way. If you want to have fun, then head to the country fair and Middle Eastern bazaar where you will find discount prices and some amazing knock-off “designer” brands. And if you need to get to downtown or other areas around Vancouver, Metro Transit is always close by and easily accessible.

Adam Toren

Adam Toren
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