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Olympic Sports Definitions

If you are wondering what some of these sports involve, here is a brief list of each Olympic sport and what they are defined as. The Olympics will be coming to the cities of Vancouver and Whistler in February 2010, and it might be a good idea to understand more about some of the major sporting events that will be held.

What is Cross Country Ski Racing?
Cross country skiing events can consist of individual races or team races. They are split into twelve races and feature men and women in teams and individual races. The team races have semi-final heats and then a final race for the medals. The individual races feature timed trials in interval starts.

What is Alpine Skiing?
This sport involves sliding down snow-covered slopes with long skis. It consists of five women’s and men’s events. The rules are the same for both sexes, but each course has a different length.  Alpine skiing includes downhill skiing, slalom racing and various combined events.

What are Paralympic Sports?
These sports are defined as the Olympic sports that are designed for people with physical disabilities. These are sporting activities that are part of the Paralympic Movement.

What is Freestyle?
Freestyle consists of doing acrobatics during cross country or alpine skiing. It is also known as ‘hot dogging’ and was recognized as a sport in 1979 by the International Ski Federation. Freestyle can be done in mogul and aerial ski events, as well as half-pipe, slope-style, and free skiing. It was first demonstrated in the Calgary Olympic Winter Games in the year of 1988.

What is Nordic Skiing?
Nordic Skiing is a popular sport where the ski is never attached to the skier’s boots. It involves a combination of sports such as cross country skiing, biathalon, ski jumping, telemark skiing and racing.

What is Ski Jumping?
This sport features athletes skiing down a downhill platform with a ramp at the end and taking off into the air when the ramp lifts them up at the bottom. They can perform numerous stunts and techniques to impress the judges and get points. It is also important to go for distance when you take off into the air.

What is Curling?
Curling can be thought of as shuffle board on ice and it involves two teams of four players. The sport is played on ice and the game board is shaped in a rectangle form. The sport involves sliding a large granite stone down the board, while two sweepers use brooms to help the stone along.

What is Speed Skating?

This is a competition where competitors race each other a certain distance on ice skates. It is an extremely fast-paced sport that entails focus, energy and balance.

What is Snowboarding?
Snowboarding consists of a competition in which each contestant jumps off or skis down hills on a single board with both boots attached. Judges look at technique, style and air stunts.

What is Figure Skating?

This sport is like dancing with skates on ice. Competitors compete by performing jumps, techniques, spins, and flips on a large ice rink.. This sport is always accompanied by music of some kind.

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