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Motel in Vancouver – Things to Consider When Choosing a Motel in Vancouver

When you are looking for a motel in Vancouver, a city located in the province of British Columbia in Canada, you have many from which to choose.  A motel is a perfect choice in accommodations for those traveling with family, who are on a budget and are looking for a clean and comfortable place to stay without having to spend a lot of money.


Some of the things that you should look for when finding the perfect motel in Vancouver for you include the following:


Clean Rooms


Of course this is the most important aspect when it comes to choosing any type of accommodation.  You do not want to stay at a motel that is not clean and comfortable.  Check out the room before you decide to check into the motel or read reviews about the motel online from others who have stayed there to find out which motels have clean and comfortable rooms.  You are often better off to look for an independent motel rather than one that offers cheap rooms and is part of a chain as these are often looked after with more enthusiasm, especially if the owner is on the premises.  Clean rooms and bathrooms are very important during your trip to Vancouver.  When looking for the perfect motel in Vancouver, make finding one that offers clean rooms a priority.




In addition to wanting to find clean rooms, you will also want to find a motel in Vancouver that is close to where you want to visit during your trip.  If there are certain sights that you want to see, you will want to be close enough to get to them when you choose your accommodations.  In addition to the location of the motel relating to sightseeing, you may also choose a motel that offers you a scenic view.  British Columbia is one of the most picturesque provinces in Canada and has some of the most beautiful scenery in the country.  You can choose a motel that offers you a true room with a view and is located in a picturesque area.  This will make your trip more pleasant and enable you to see some of the nicest views right from your motel.  Location should be important to you when you are choosing a motel in Vancouver.




You will want to see if the motel has a kitchenette.  This can save you money on some meals.  For example, you can make breakfast and lunch if you have a small kitchenette in the motel room, thus saving you money when it comes to these meals.  Instead of having to go out for three meals, you can get by with going out for one or, depending on what you like during your vacation, you can eat your meals in the room and not have to worry about eating out at all.  A kitchenette is one amenity that can end up saving you quite a bit of money when you travel.  These facilities are often found in motels, but not in hotels.


If you are traveling with family, another of the amenities that you might look for when you stay in a motel in Vancouver is privacy.  There are many motels that feature more than one bedroom.  This can give family members a sense of privacy and make the trip much more pleasant for everyone.  This may be something that you want to look into when you are traveling to Vancouver as there are many motels that have more than one bedroom.  Some even offer more than one bath.


When traveling to Vancouver in the summer, you might want to choose a motel that has a pool.  The family can spend time swimming in the pool and enjoying the sunshine during the warm summer months in Vancouver.


The Price Factor


By taking a look at guides, you can find out the cost of the rooms at the motels in Vancouver where you wish to stay during your trip to Canada.  You can work within just about any budget as there are affordable motels throughout British Columbia, including in and around the city of Vancouver.  If you are traveling on a budget, you will want to weigh the cost option heavily when choosing the perfect motel in which to stay.  While you may not want to give up on cleanliness of the rooms, you may give in when it comes to some of the amenities as well as the location.  Finding the perfect motel accommodations is not difficult when you start looking into some of the motels and what they offer in return for room rentals.


If you are looking to find the perfect motel in Vancouver, you will want to weigh all of the options above to find accommodations that are right for you.  Much depends on how you wish to travel, how many people are traveling with you and your budget.  Naturally, accommodations with the most amenities that are close to the city will be higher priced than those that are off the beaten path a bit and do not offer full service.  However, you may find the perfect place to stay that is a bit out of the way but offers some fantastic scenery.


Be sure to figure in your meals as part of your trip.  If you enjoy visiting restaurants when you are on vacation, as many do, then you will want to partake in some of the fabulous restaurants located in the city of Vancouver.  By having breakfast and lunch in the kitchenette, you can save your money and put it towards your dinner bill.   If restaurant eating is not for you, you can enjoy your vacation and save money by preparing simple meals in a kitchenette.   There are so many options when it comes to your meals on vacation, but the cost of eating must be figured in with your trip budget.


There are many motels in Vancouver from which to choose, all of which seem to have something different to offer visitors.  In order to find the right motel for you, figure in what you are willing to spend on accommodations, what you cannot do without and  go from there.  You will find that by compromising on some amenities, such as location and pools, you can find quality accommodations that fit right into your budget.


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Adam Toren
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