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Known simply as ‘Kits’, the Kitsilano area is located just over and to the right of the Burrard Street Bridge. It is one of Vancouver’s most popular neighbourhoods and is home to beaches, a pool, a UBC crowd, shops, restaurants and various local hangouts. If you want to go shopping in Kitsilano, head to 4th Avenue where you’ll find maternity shops, brand name fashions, housewares, sporting goods and special interest shops.

Parts of Kitsilano are like the hippie haven of Vancouver—particularly around 4th Avenue. A visit to Vancouver isn’t really a visit without a stroll through this neighborhood and then down to Kitsilano Beach. Kits Beach is one of the most popular beaches in all of Vancouver and it faces towards the beautiful coast of English Bay. Visitors and locals can hang out on this beach all day and then watch a gorgeous sunset in the evening.

Since Kitsilano is also famous for the student crowd attending the University of British Columbia, there is always something going on whether it’s a festival or street party. It may be a young neighbourhood, but it is also a family hot spot. It is a great area for young families to start out in and grow as there are lots of family-friendly activities nearby such as parks, Kitsilano pool and a children’s festival for the kids every summer.  You will always find people strolling along the beach in the early hours of the morning, yoga groups gathering together in meditation and cyclists casually exploring the streets.

Kitsilano is mostly made up of small condominiums, older apartment buildings and single-family houses. It is great for students that are looking for roommates, but sometimes it can be a little more expensive than some of Vancouver’s other neighbourhoods. There are also many restaurants and bars to explore in Kitsilano. If you are looking for something to fit your budget then head to places like Malone’s Bar or Las Margaritas, or to Hell’s Kitchen for some of the best wood fired oven-baked pizza in town. If you can afford fine dining and you want a view, try out the Watermark Restaurant located right on Kitsilano Beach.

If you are looking to picnic in the park for the day, then try out Vanier Park which has lush trees, grass and some glorious views. If you’re a history buff then you will want to visit the Vancouver Maritime Museum, the Vancouver Museum and the HR MacMillan Space Centre nearby. On a hot day, though, why not just take the kids to Kitsilano pool—and don’t forget the sun block!

Adam Toren

Adam Toren
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