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Great Stores for Kids

As much as kids love to play outside, give them the choice between outdoors and a toy store and like it or not, 9 times out of 10, they will opt for the store.  However, stores do not have to mean unnecessary spending and temper tantrums.  The list of stores below offer education, local and sustainable toy options which are not only healthy for your child’s mind but great for a parent’s peace of mind!

Kaboodles Toy Store –  http://www.kaboodlestoystore.com/

Voted Best Independent Toy Store in Vancouver & Victoria Five Years Running! 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007.  Located at Granville Island.

BC Playthings – http://www.bcplaythings.com – located at 3070 Edgemont Blvd,
in North Vancouver, BC.  Featuring games, puzzles, music, puppets, trains, art supplies and more!

Crocodile Baby – http://www.crocodilebaby.com/ Offering bedding, blankets, clothing, strollers, furniture, gifts toys and so much more.  With a focus on organic and sustainable materials and products, you can feel about taking your whole family to see what’s in store!

Drexoll Games – Specialists in games for all ages and interests. They stock over 600 board games, plus collectible card games, collectible figure wizkids games, roleplaying, and classics like chess, GO boards, and backgammon!  Located in Kits at 2860 W. 4th Avenue. (604) 733-6511

The Toybox – An old Vancouver favourite for the last 30 years. Located at 3002 W Broadway. (604) 738-4322

It’s All Fun & Games – A fun local store located at 1308 Commercial Drive. (604) 253-6727

What list would be complete without Toys “R” Us! http://www.toysruscanada.ca featuring every toy under the sun for children of all ages and interests!


Adam Toren

Adam Toren
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