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FlyOver Canada: A Must-Do Whether You’re a Tourist or a Local


Whether you are passing through the City of Vancouver as you trek through Canada, or if you have lived in the city for over 20 years, you should definitely fit in a FlyOver Canada experience into your action-packed week or weekend. Perfect for families, kids, seniors and pretty much anyone who wants to see glorious breathtaking sights of Canada as you soar sky-high, FlyOver Canada is Vancouver’s newest must-see attraction.


The development of this $16-million dollar attraction began last year in 2012 by Sherpas Cinema. A helicopter and plane with extreme high-definition filming equipment soared over various parts of Canada, stopping in each province along the way, and captured majestic scenes and beautiful sights of this spectacular country as a whole. Take a peek now!


About the Experience

Open year-round, FlyOver Canada operates from 10am to 9pm, 7 days a week. Each show begins every 15 to 20 minutes and the entire experience takes about 30 minutes. You spend 8 minutes on the ultimate flying ride where you will be soaring over magnificent waterfalls, rustic fields, colourful trees, famous landmarks and phenomenal landscapes. The theatre fits 60 people at a time and the movie screen has a 20-metre diameter.

Mini teaser of the experience:

Passengers are strapped safely and securely into their seats and watch a movie screen that completes and fills their peripheral and direct vision. When the movie shows a waterfall, passengers are sprayed with soft mist and when they fly over lush green trees they smell fragrances of pine.


There is a pre-show, boarding zone time and the ultimate flying ride which completes the experience. Take a peek now!

Tickets and Prices

General admission for adults 18 and over is $19.95 and there are discount rates for kids and seniors. Holiday prices may vary. Check the tickets page for more information.


Three Unique Highlights of the FlyOver Canada Experience Include:

  • The 4D touches you experience during the ride. From refreshing pine trees and cool mists to gusty winds!
  • Who hasn’t always wanted to fly? The virtual flight speaks for itself!
  • The scenes that have been captured across Canada will also capture your heart and stick in your mind for the rest of the day. Anyone in need of a new “happy place”?

 What To Know Before You Go:

  • Expectant mothers should not ride on FlyOver Canada as this attractions follows the health and safety standards of all Vancouver tourist attractions.
  • Try to get a middle row seat for the best viewing and ride experience!
  • You might be separated from family or friends to fit within the rides passenger guidelines.
  • Kids must be 40″ tall (102cm) to travel through the “sky” virtually.
  • Anyone with photosensitive epilepsy should not take this ride.
  • Visit this FAQ section for more answers to your many questions.


Our Family Visit

We didn’t know what to expect when entering the FlyOver Canada experience as there is definitely some mystery to it and the FlyOver Canada website cannot explain the exact show as it will ruin the surprises along the way. It was a fun experience with magical sights and views of our beautiful country that we have never seen before. The 4D touches like breezes, water sprays and scented smells are an excellent bonus!

We had the bottom row and if we were to go again, we would try to get the middle row for better viewing pleasure. Everyone loved it and the kids immediately asked if they could go again. Us adults believed it was the perfect amount of riding and flying time to truly benefit from the experience. It was short and sweet, but an excellent addition to our day of trekking around the action-packed City of Vancouver, British Columbia.


FlyOver Canada

999 Canada Place

Downtown Vancouver, BC

V6C 3C1

Website: http://www.FlyOverCanada.com

**A special thank you to Tess Messmer for arranging our visit**

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