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Day Care Centres

If you are a working Vancouver parent and you are looking for a great day care for your little ones, here are some popular day care centres in, and around the city of Vancouver. You can drop off and pick up your baby and kids at these centres while you go and make some money for your family. Sometimes day care is the best option if you find yourself struggling with trying to balance work and parenting. Check out some of the best day cares in Vancouver below.

Westcoast Information Daycare
210 West Broadway, 3rd Floor
Vancouver, BC
Tel: 604-709 5699

St Francis Xavier Day Care Centre
717 Princess Street. Vancouver, BC
Tel: 604-251-9848

Vancouver Child Care Support Program
210 West Broadway. Vancouver, BC.
Tel: 604-709-5664

Kitsilano Day Care Society
2305 7th Ave W, Vancouver, BC
Tel: 604-733-4311

Saint James Day Care Centre
3214 10th Ave West, Vancouver, BC
Tel: 604-733-1821

Library Square Children’s Centre
301 345 Robson Street, Vancouver, BC
Tel: 604-602-1234

Child Care Financial & Administrative Services
210 W Broadway.Vancouver, BC
Tel: 604-709-8068

Hudson Out-Of-School Care Society
1551 Cypress Street,Vancouver, BC.
Tel: 604-731-1618

Information Daycare
Ages 5-12 years
210 W Broadway,Vancouver, BC
Tel: 604-709-5699

Creekview Tiny Tot Society
1483 Lamey’s Mill. Vancouver, BC
Tel: 604-732-3616

New Pui Tak Day Care Centre
415 – 350 E Pender Street,Vancouver, BC
Tel: 604-254-9925

Pooh Corner Day Care Centre
975 Lagoon. Vancouver, BC
Tel: 604-684-9734

Echelon Day Care Centre
575 W 8th Street. Vancouver, BC
Tel: 604-874-4010


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