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A Bowen Island Dinner Adventure: Vancouver Water Adventures

“Get Out on the Water, See the Stunning Sights of Vancouver, BC”

If you have a love for the ocean, boating, warm sunshine and glorious sunsets, then make sure you book a tour with Vancouver Water Adventures this season. Loads of thrills, waves and fun await you when you take the Bowen Island Dinner Tour, one of the best Vancouver boat tours in the city.

Vancouver Water Adventures was first established in 2009, when two passionate young owners, Clayton and Jessica, along with only two jet skis decided to share their love for Vancouver, its rich history and unique water ways with both locals and tourists alike. Now, with boat tour options and jet ski, paddleboard, kayak and seadoo rentals, the company is pleased to provide the public with numerous adventures on Vancouver’s glorious waters.

What Will I See and Do on the Bowen Island Dinner Tour?

You will depart from their Granville Island location at 1812 Boatlift Lane, right behind Bridges Restaurant at 5:30 pm. You’ll have a knowledgeable and entertaining guide assigned to your group that will assist you as you prepare for your boat trip on the zodiac speed boat.

A water survival suit is provided and mandatory so you can be safe and warm as you hit the intense winds that cross the Pacific Ocean. It is very important to remember your sunglasses to block the wind, but if you forgot your guide will have some boat glasses for you to wear. You will then see sights such as amazing Stanley Park, offshore freighters, Sunset Beach, English Bay, Lighthouse Park, Lions Gate Bridge, Seal Colony and celebrity houses.

You’ll then arrive at Bowen Island for dinner at Doc Morgan’s Restaurant where you can choose from dishes such as fish tacos, salmon burgers and steaks. The dinner also includes one drink so if you want to relax with a beer or glass of wine, go for it! After dinner you can check out the little shops of Bowen Island, stop for mini doughnuts and a coffee, and then explore the local beach and grassy areas.

After all the fun on Bowen Island, you’ll set off back to Granville Island at high speed and catch a few big waves along the way.

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A fantastic adventure is waiting for you on the water!

Our Personal Adventure

When we first arrived at Vancouver Water Sports, we were greeted with a warm welcome by the staff and asked to sign the usual waiver and then choose our meal in advance for Doc Morgan’s Restaurant. Then we were directed to Raphael, our guide for the tour, to get on our water safety gear.

We thought we’d just be wearing standard life jackets, so when we were handed these spaceman-type suits (thing Armageddon the movie) we were confused, but had a good laugh trying to get into them. They are aquatic survival suits, which come in handy if you capsize and end up in the ocean. While we were sweating in them when we left the dock, we were glad we had them for warmth on the way there and back at 70 to 80 miles-per-hour. We then climbed aboard the zodiac speed boat and my husband and I targeted the front seat as we wanted to enjoy the intense speed of the boat, bumpy waves and all.

We traveled by numerous historic sites and I was able to learn some things about Vancouver that I have never known. I never knew Granville Island was a shipyard for warships and that the tourist lookouts along Stanley Park were actually made during World War II to keep a look out after the Pearl Harbour warning.

Our first sightseeing stops included Sunset Beach, English Bay, magnificent Stanley Park, the iconic father figure of Stanley Park, Siwash Rock, and Lions Gate Bridge and its rich Guinness family history. Our Australian guide Raphael was extremely knowledgeable, entertaining and hilarious as he described each stop along the way.

We then made our way over to Lighthouse Park, one of the most beautiful parks found on the West Coast and a National Historic Site of Canada. There were so many people spread over the rocks enjoying the sunshine and giant trees. It was a beautiful sight!

After that stop, we visited Seal Island where we were able to see baby seals resting on a tiny batch of rocks, awaiting their parents return. They looked so adorable and we were only allowed to get so close so I tried to snap some shots while I could.

Then we headed towards Bowen Island and were able to spot large homes of big-name celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith and Stanley Kubrick along the way. We finally arrived at British Columbia’s beautiful Bowen Island and made our way up to Doc Morgan’s Restaurant.

Our meals were ready for us when we sat down at our tables, which was nice. (We had definitely worked up an appetite being in all that fresh air on the zodiac!) I chose the Salmon Burger and fries and my husband Shaun had the fish tacos. Both meals were very tasty. And, a refreshing beer always goes down well!

Bowen Island is an attractive little island that is full of character. Even though small, we noticed that there were quite a few things to do and explore. There was a wedding going on at Doc Morgan’s Restaurant so the entire grounds surrounding the venue were filled with adults and little kids celebrating, dancing and enjoying time together. It was a very lively yet relaxed atmosphere. There were the Shops of Bowen Island, which included a few artisan boutique shops, cafes, an ice cream shop and designer gifts and goods.

After dinner, my husband and I took the opportunity to walk along the beach area, take in the views from Snug Cove, explore the cute shops and just enjoy our surroundings away from busy city life. We then met up with our group, climbed back into our red ocean survival suits and were back in the boat for a thrilling high-speed ride home to Granville Island.

It was gorgeous as when we arrived back in the bay we had a full moon staring back at us from where the Burrard Bridge stands. It was magnificent and was a real treat to see while out on the water. The sunset surrounding us as we travelled across the water was breathtaking. We of course took numerous photos as we bounced across the waves. Our guide Raphael also made sure that we slowed down for photos, so we were able to get some great ones!

We heard our guide talking about doughnuts behind us, but as we were in the front of the boat, we couldn’t hear anymore than that. We thought we were about to be given actual doughnuts, which sounded like a nice sweet surprise. haha! We were actually given doughnuts, but in the water and boat form. Even sweeter! We loved circling the water like that for a last minute mini adrenaline rush before heading back to the dock! Thank you Raphael!


Three Highlights that Make This Tour Unique

  • An excellent guide that talks you through the entire experience. You’ll feel safe on the water and know that you’re in good hands!
  • The time you get to spend on Bowen Island is just enough time to get a taste of its beauty, charm and unique personality.
  • The zodiac boat ride!

Tips for Visitors: Some Things to Know Before You Go

  • Bring sunglasses.
  • Bring a camera or phone with camera capabilities.
  • Bring a sweater to wear under the survival suit so that if you feel like wrapping the suit down to your waste you still have some warmth when speeding across the ocean.
  • Have fun!

*A special thank you to the co-founders, Jessica and Clayton, our guide Raphael and the entire team at Vancouver Water Adventures for making this amazing adventure possible.*

The Tour:

Every day at 5:30 pm

May – end of season

$129 per person plus tax

Approximately 3 hours long

Dinner and one drink included

Bowen Island

Sightseeing and fun!

Visit the tour here.


Vancouver Water Adventures

1812 Boatlift Lane, Granville Island

Tel: 604-736-5155

Website: www.VancouverWaterAdventures.com


Mon – Fri: 10 am – 8 pm

Sat – Sun: 9 am – 8 pm

Author: Natasha Lees, Freelance Travel Copywriter, VancouverBC.com



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