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2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games Overview

Get excited! The 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games are coming to Vancouver and Whistler. It is a good idea to start planning now for your visit to Vancouver for this grand event that will go down forever in Canadian history. The International Paralympic Committee and the International Olympic Committee have finally released the 2010 Winter Games daily event schedule. If this is the first time you have tried to buy tickets to attend the Olympic and Paralympic Games, then it is best to start researching everything now. There are going to be 17 exciting days of fantastic Olympic competition and 9 days of Paralympic events.

On July 2nd, in the year 2003, the city of Vancouver was chosen to host the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. Now that visitors and locals can view the daily event schedules they can plan out which events they want to attend and organize their timing. Some major highlights of the 2010 Winter Olympics are the final sporting event, the opening and closing ceremonies held at BC Place and the alpine skiing competitions that begin on March 13th. BC Place holds approximately 59,500 people in total and it is so convenient and accessible by public transportation, automobile or on foot.

The dates for the games are as follow:

February 12th to 28th: 17 days of Olympic Winter Games
March 12th to 21st: 9 days of Paralympic Winter Games

Sporting Events to be held in Vancouver will include snowboarding, freestyle, figure skating, curling, hockey, short-track speed skating and speed skating. Whistler will host events such as ski jumping, biathalon, cross-country skiing, bobsleigh, luge, skeleton, alpine skiing and Paralympic sports.

The city of Vancouver attracts millions of visitors every year and it provides people with the opportunity to ski, swim, sunbathe, dine, dance and enjoy nightly entertainment. It is the perfect city to hold the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, along with Whistler, the famous Canadian ski resort area. By 2010 the Sea to Sky Highway should be completed for the 2010 Winter Games and it will allow visitors and locals to travel easily between Whistler and Vancouver. For the daily event schedule check out www.vancouver2010.com for more information.

Adam Toren

Adam Toren
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