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Xcape Vancouver: Succeed or Fail

“Our Family Room Escape Experience – Part 2”



Xcape Vancouver offers a brand new ground-breaking 5D entertainment experience and those who wish to take on the challenge will surely find the rush they desire here. Xcape Vancouver is one of Vancouver’s top room escape companies and it’s a live version of the room escape game you can play on your phone or on your computer. It is conveniently located in Richmond, British Columbia and you can reach the establishment easily by bus, Skytrain or the Canada Line. Offering a variety of themes to choose from, Xcape Vancouver is an excellent choice for a family activity, a team building event or special occasion.

The current themes that are offered are The Breakout, The Kidnap, Sherlock’s Mystery and Secret Chambers. In The Kidnap, players are hand-tied and handcuffed before the game which definitely adds to the thrill and excitement of the game. The catch? There is always a catch ladies and gents! You only have 45 minutes to solve the mystery!


Three Highlights that Make Xcape Vancouver Unique:

  • Each room is unique to the next one and the game’s clues get changed every so often so the mystery never becomes easy for the next group.

  • When you need help and a hint, you wave your help sign in front of the camera. (This really makes you feel like you are on a reality show!)

  • The membership fee is affordable and offers a variety of discounts.


How it Works

If you want to try out this trendy 5D entertainment experience, you are advised to book and reserve your game online 1 hour before the game start time. Walk-ins are also welcome but it is important that you call the Xcape team at 604-285-6085 to see if your desired game is available for that time slot.

The price is $22 + 5% GST per person, per game for non-members. It is recommended that you arrive 10 to 15 minutes before your game time so that you can sign off on any paperwork required and have the before-game briefing.  You also have to sign a waiver as you are in fact being completely locked away in a room. Claustrophobic? Then you might want to skip this type of game!

If a booking is made with a lower amount of players than required for that game type, you may play with other players wishing to participate in the same game. Keep in mind that if you want to book a corporate event or social event here, you have to book it with Xcape Vancouver 14 days ahead of time at 604-285-6085. You can even receive a bonus hint if your group checks in on Facebook upon arrival!



The Membership Details

If you want to become an Xcape Artist Member, you only have to pay $10 extra for loads of challenging fun! You will receive a wide range of discounts, benefits and services when you choose to become a member and your experience at Xcape Vancouver will be all the more enjoyable. You have to apply at the venue and present official Canadian Government ID or a valid BC driver’s license.

Benefits include:

  • Lifetime membership.

  • 10%  off on the first entry of Xcape game rooms.

  • 50% off on the second or more entry of the same Xcape game room.

  • 1 bonus hint per room**.

  • Option to write comments and messages on wall for members who successfully Xcaped game rooms.

  • Option to put your team photo on “Wall of EPIC XCAPES” for teams who successfully Xcaped game rooms**.

  • Eligible for​ the Fastest Epic Xcape Team record**.


**All players in the group must have an Xcape Artist Membership to enjoy the benefits and services.



Our Family Experience at Xcape Vancouver

We decided to try the room escape experience as a family and it turned out to be fantastic for encouraging communication, team work and even confidence building. Our kids, ages 12, 13 and 15, enjoyed it even though it was extremely difficult at times, and we only had 45 minutes on the clock! We unlocked many boxes and clues that we came across in our Sherlock’s Mystery game, as well as the Secret Chambers. But we definitely had to use our hints to help us along the way. With the clock counting down, it certainly adds that adrenaline rush that most kids and “adult-kids” love.

The first game we played was Sherlock’s Mystery, and I must admit, it was really difficult. I cannot expose the answers to any of the solutions we found as it would ruin it for other players, but I can tell you that you really need to think outside of the box. You have to let go of your regular logic and possess an open mind at all times. The storyline was that Sherlock handed us an ‘interesting case’ of a murder and he left a variety of clues to help us figure out who the murderer was, as well as clues to escape the room.

We started in one room where you have to find the key to open the door to move forward and enter the murder scene. Every solution you discover unlocks another part of the mystery and leads you toward your goal. We found the text and reading part a bit tricky, but once you really understand the storyline, you begin to grasp how it all works. Luckily, we made it through the first room but needed a hint to find the key. Then with a murder scene in front of us we quickly became detectives. It was great to see the kids using their brains and trying to figure out various codes, solutions and solving problems.

We didn’t succeed at this game, but the effort was there as we unlocked certain clues, used various tools and communicated with each other. I could see how beneficial this activity is for families, as well as colleagues, special occasions and friends.

We moved onto the Secret Chambers game which was full of mysteries and it required quite a bit of reading. We actually made it really far in this room, with only one last clue to find before unlocking the room and escaping. But we just didn’t have enough time, so we were a ‘failed Xcape’. Boo. It didn’t matter though as the kids had fun, the big kids had fun and it was some genuine bonding time away from screens and cell phones.

I recommend Xcape Vancouver to family and friends, as well as anyone that asks me for suggestions on a unique family activity. What could be better than letting your kids exercise their logic, unravel clues, solve problems and work their way towards a common goal?!

Xcape Vancouver is perfect for families that want to improve team work and communication overall in the home. So what are you waiting for? Escape a room soon!


Xcape Vancouver

Unit 200, 2nd Floor – 7800 Alderbridge Way,

Richmond, B.C. V6X 2A5

Tel: 604-285-6085

Email: info@XcapeVancouver.com

Website: www.XcapeVancouver.com


**A special thank you to Anna and Stanley of Xcape Vancouver for arranging our visit and making it a pleasant one.**


Author:  Natasha Jervis Lees, Freelance Copywriter

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