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Wherever There Is Snow, She Will Ski

Nats 09-7258Name: Kelsey Serwa
Canadian Ski Cross Team
Age: 19
Home town: Kelowna, BC
Current town: Whistler, BC
Team member since: 2008/09
World Ranking: 3rd
Sponsors: Pinnacle Sports Physiotherapy, Serwa Bulldozing, Gabel, Alpina, Atomic

Young, determined and focused on earning a place on the podium in 2010, Kelsey Serwa is one of the many athletes now in full training for the glory of the games. Serwa was raised in Kelowna and spent a lot of time on Big White in recent years, but says that wherever there is snow, she will ski. She’s been training hard all year and now it’s finally down to just a few more months before the Olympic spotlight comes to Vancouver and Whistler.

You’ve seen a lot of success in your short career. What has been your biggest achievement so far?

Kelsey Serwa: “I haven’t had any wins on the World Cup circuit but I have had my fair share of success, especially considering this has been my first year of racing Ski Cross. My greatest achievement so far was finishing second at the World Cup Finals in La Plagne, France, which moved me into third position for the overall World Cup standings.”

VBC: How do you balance training and competing with the rest of your life?

CSC 2008-8938KS: “Starting at a young age, I had to learn how to balance my academic and social life with my athletic responsibilities. While in high school, I had to complete most of my courses through self -schooling and correspondence. Instead of having a classroom with a teacher to guide the lessons, I had a bumpy van or a crowded hotel room to study out of.

During the competition season, I am fortunate enough to be able to dedicate all of my time to my sport to ensure that I perform at my optimum potential each race. During the off season, we have a little more freedom, and are able to live relatively normal lives. I balance physical training and work on the weekdays, leaving the weekends comparatively free. At the moment I am working part time at Whistler Mountain River Adventures booking rafting tours.”

VBC: Leading up to the 2010 Winter Games, what does your schedule look like in terms of preparing for the Games?

KS: “My preparation leading up to the Games began many years ago. Five days a week I work on conditioning my body in the gym and on the mountain to build both strength and endurance. We also have a couple of on-snow camps scheduled this summer to improve our skiing abilities and to work on different race strategies. We begin our competition season in late December or early January, and from there will have a total of seven races before the Games. These races are crucial for qualifying for the Games. I have also been doing some mental training as preparation for the upcoming race season.”

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