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1. Justin Singh, Fashion Reporter and Consultant

justinsinghpic“Looking like you’re in the know about fashion and actually being there is like comparing your Speedy 30 Stephen Sprouse Louis Vuitton bag to the one sold out of the back of a pickup truck on Canal Street in New York.
Thankfully, it’s not going to be too difficult or too costly to look like you know what’s going on with fashion this spring as the trends continue to reflect your personality. What I’m loving right now and am most looking forward to seeing carry through to the next season is mismatching. Buying a bag to match your shoes to match your belt to match your eye shadow to match your peek-a-boo highlights…Wow. Get a grip! Wear that olive bag with the brown boots. And fellas, it’s okay to wear that black belt with brown shoes-in fact I encourage it.
Another thriller, the one oh-so-dreaded by all mothers-the ripped jeans. What your mother is trying to put into the Salvation Army bin is one of your prized possessions. I suggest you pull them back out from the back of your closet; this season’s ripped jeans are more ripped than ever. We’re talking shredded!”

2. Johanna Ward, Host of The Express, Shaw TV

johannaward_pic_vauThe Express really keeps me on the move, so my style has to be both fun and functional. The show is shot somewhere new every day. We could go from a fashion show to a hockey game, or hit a music festival and then a cranberry bog! So, dressed up or down, I still want to stand out. That means flirting with versatile pieces and the vibrant colours of spring.

I’m really excited about the new Yoga Jeans at Plum. Zen-like comfy, and I feel more like a slinky cobra than a downward dog wearing them.

This season, the cropped, coloured cardigan is my siren call to the summer of sun and fun, just around the rainy corner.

For glam? I’m most entranced with the Grecian goddess dress. Can’t hurt to be channeling Aphrodite for a night on the town, can it?

Plus, I can get a second season’s wear out of my metallic sandals from last summer! Now that’s the spring fling I’m looking for!”

3.  Mashiah Vaughn, President/Founder of Open Sundaes, opensundaes.com


“Fashion trends I am most looking forward to seeing are the shoulder dresses. Vintage is in! The 1960’s look is back in with a modern twist. Colour Colour Colour. Orange, purple and yellow. I will be heading to NYC next week for Fashion Week. I love shoes, but what woman doesn’t? I can’t wait to pick up a few high-heeled sandals from the boutiques in Soho, along with some fabulous spring-inspired accessories.”

4.  Erica Lam, TheStyleSpy.com, Editor-in-Chief

ericalam_vau“A new season means new pieces for the wardrobe. How fabulous! I’m looking forward to menswear-inspired boyfriend blazers. This look is so polished and versatile. I might sneak into the boy’s section for mine. Shoes are a weakness of mine, and a trend you’ll be seeing on me is the cut-out bootie. The one-piece jumpsuit romper will be a great staple-seen all over the runways. It’s a fun daytime piece with flat sandals or for night with a pair of hot heels. One trend I’m not anxious to see is the reintroduction of acid-wash denim from the 80s. There are a few fierce fashionistas out there who will even make this look cool, but for most of us (including myself), we’ll keep them in our fashion past.”

5. Richard Seymour, Marketing, Nine O’Clock Gun (and T-Shirt Expert), nineoclockgun.com

richardseymourpic_vau“This city has way too many good looking people with hot bodies to be hidden under wool jackets, toques and scarves for that long. The warm weather gives us a chance to peel back the layers and unveil our true style and inject some colour into the wardrobe. Vancouver’s spring fashion staple is the T-shirt. It doesn’t matter how much you spend because an inexpensive, comfortable shirt can be priceless too. This spring in Vancouver, must-have items that are locally-designed clothes can be found at Life of Riley, including Nine O’Clock Gun. Nine O’Clock Gun, named after the famous cannon that is fired every night in Stanley Park, designs T-shirts that feature either a landmark, a cultural image or an eye-popping controversial design that Vancouverites will connect with.”

6.  Alanna Koshlay, Marketing Coordinator at Coquitlam Centre

the-face-of-alanna “As spring fast approaches, I long for the days where I no longer have to go to work in a parka and knee-high snow boots. As you can imagine, working in a mall can (and does) put pressure on both my wallet and self-restraint. Persevering through the personal anguish, I manage to control myself. Preparing for what’s going to be trendy this spring and summer, I’m seeing lots of chunky jewellery. Myself, I prefer to dress plain. I rock (pardon the pun) one large ring, or even a funky necklace, which will set the tone for how I’m feeling that day. I also really like the “romantic” fabrics that are appearing, which are soft and gentle, like silks and satins. On the weekend, it’s all about comfort (Curse you LuLu Lemon for being so comfy!). When it comes to the hot colours for the spring, we are seeing the pastel yellow, purple, and mint greens both on the runways, and in stores. My staple, however, is and always will be good old black.”

Adam Toren

Adam Toren
Adam Toren is born and raised in Vancouver BC and loves everything Vancouver BC has to offer. He loves traveling and exploring new and unique restaurants and places around the world.