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The Great Escape: The Perfect Family-Fun Activity, Any Day of the Week


The Basics

If you are seeking the perfect place for your family to spend quality time together and have some world-class family fun, The Great Escape in Langley, British Columbia is the place to go! This colourful state-of-the-art indoor theme park welcomes people of all ages because The Great Escape believes you’re just never too old to have fun. The Great Escape offers family-fun for everyone and includes a wide range of activities, packages and experiences for all.  From 3D indoor mini golf and laser tag to a new 5D Simulator and Highway 66 Bowling, there is so much fun to be had.

Guests to The Great Escape can grab a bite to eat at the Coba Cafe, try their luck in the arcade, have a family shoot out in the Ballistic Ball Zone Arena or zap their loved ones in the two-tiered Alien Tomb Laser Tag area. Kids, small and tall, love playing in the Jungle Theme Mayan Adventure Playground while toddlers under the age of 3 can experience interactive play in the Toddler Ocean Playground. Get your adrenaline pumping by racing your friends on the Air-Trek Obstacle Adventure Course or hold your birthday party in one of the themed party rooms.

Three Highlights that Make This Family-Friendly Attraction Unique

  • The Great Escape’s Air-Trek Obstacle Course is one of a kind and offers jam-packed fun for those without a fear of heights.
  • A new 5D Simulator that takes you and four others on a wild virtual ride where you can hear, see and feel your experience.
  • A ‘Play Card’ system so you can leave your change at home. You can purchase a card, swipe it and have access to games, activities, retail purchases and food!

Activities Provided by The Great Escape Include:

  • 2 Level Alien Tomb Laser Tag
  • Air-Trek Obstacle Adventure Course
  • 3D Indoor Mini Golf
  • Jungle Themed Mayan Adventure Playground
  • New 5D Simulator
  • New Themed Party Rooms (Teddy Bears Picnic, Tea Party and Wizard themes!)
  • Highway 66 Bowling (fantastic to play in teams, kids against parents or boys against the girls!)
  • Coba Cafe (Offering a variety of sandwiches, veggie plates, nachos, pizza, wraps, salads, baked goods and more.)
  • Arcade and Redemption Area
  • New Active-8 Interactive Floor and Light Space
  • Ballistic Ball Zone Area (Kids can have a shoot out with their parents!)
  • Toddler Ocean Playground (Perfect for tiny tots under 3 years of age)
  • Team and Group Packages
  • Corporate Events and Team Building
  • Fundraisers
  • Dry Grad Parties
  • Private Christmas Parties
  • Cafe Top Mezzanine
  • Rockin’ Evenings
  • Party Add-ons (Once your party is booked you can add balloons, goodie bags, birthday cakes and more as The Great Escape has everything you need for a successful event and celebration)

Tips for Visitors: Some Things To Know Before You Go

  • When you plan a trip to The Great Escape it is important to wear socks and comfortable running shoes so you can chase your family and friends in the laser tag area, race around the playground and conquer great challenges on the Air-Trek Obstacle Adventure.
  • The Great Escape accepts all methods of payment from major credit cards(American Express, Mastercard and Visa) and there is an ATM machine onsite for cash withdrawal.
  • There is free parking and free wireless internet.
  • Don’t drink or eat too much before climbing aboard the 5D Simulator!
  • If you want to have more time and easy access to activities, try and go before 12 noon or after 5pm on weekends where it is a bit more quiet.

Our Family Experience at The Great Escape




Our family has only but good things to say about The Great Escape and without a doubt we plan to return. It is the perfect idea for a birthday celebration as well as many other types of celebrations. I was worried it might not be that clean considering the amount of children that pass through the attraction every day, but was extremely pleased when I saw how safe and clean the entire area actually was.

I was impressed with the layout of activities at The Great Escape and the colourful and happy atmosphere that we first encountered. The staff we met upon arrival gave us a friendly welcome and we were escorted from activity to activity by Carolyn, one of the venues knowledgeable and attentive hosts who got us set up with each activity.

We started off with the 3D Mini Golf which was a delight as the colours were so vibrant! My family moved through the 9-hole mini golf course with ease and as we were there around 6pm in the evening, there was enough space between each mini golfing group.

We were eager for some action so we jumped upon the chance to try the laser tag out and attack each other with laser beams. This was my favourite activity (maybe because I had 413 hits on my family!) and it may have been only 12 minutes long, but it felt like half an hour of racing around the laser tag arena. Needless to say, we were are sweating when we finished, but ready for some more fun.

We then tried the 5D Simulator and experienced a ride that included guiding the ship, shooting down creatures and a lot of roller coaster motions. I enjoyed it and was thankful we didn’t all stuff our faces before at the Coba Cafe! If you love the rush or the rides at an amusement park, you’ll love a trip on the 5D.

Next up was the Air Trek Obstacle Adventure where we all got set up in harnesses and with helmets. My family raced around each obstacle making it look super easy! If you love a solid adrenaline rush, try this activity out.

After tearing up the skies on the Air Trek Obstacle Adventure, we then played a few games of bowling on the Highway 66 Bowling lanes. We played girls against the boy, but we never actually found out who won because of a few technical difficulties.  By this time we were all getting a bit tired as it really does take a lot out of you, in a good way! The kids (ages 10,11 and 13) went off to play in the Jungle Themed Mayan Adventure Playground which was huge, clean, safe and looked like loads of fun. It gave the kids a chance to mingle with other kids and have some time to blow off any extra steam before heading home for the day.

My Final Thoughts

I have been wanting to visit and review The Great Escape for quite some time now and I am extremely happy I did.  You may have to drive a bit further out of Vancouver to reach Langley, but it is so worth the time. If you need the perfect place to entertain your family for the day and truly want to spend some quality time together, The Great Escape is a top choice where family-friendly activities are concerned. It lives up to its name and provides families with the ultimate ‘escape’ they so desperately need from daily chores, work and school stress, as well as endless boring routines.

* A special thank you to the General Manager, Casey Martin and Kathleen Kuryliw in the Marketing Department for arranging this visit and making it a fun-filled day for our family.


The Great Escape

104-20645 Langley Bypass

Langley, BC V3A 5E8

Tel: (604) 530-1400

Website: www.TheGE.ca

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