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The 16 Greatest Vancouver Canucks Of All Time

In this list we will countdown The 16 Greatest Vancouver Canucks Of All Time. It was hard to decide on this list as the Canucks have had many great players over the years. Due to their lack of a Stanley Cup Championship, one of the usual criteria in determining the worth of a player, it was tough rule guys out. Roberto Luongo, for example, did not participate in one of the two runs to the Stanley Cup finals that the Vancouver Canucks have made, but that alone cannot leave him off this list as he is clearly the greatest goaltender in the history of the franchise. If you agree or disagree with some of the selections on this list of The 16 Greatest Vancouver Canucks Of All Time please post your opinion in the comments.

16. Daniel & Henrik Sedin

Yes, as in all things, the twins show up on this list together. By the time these two have finished their careers, most likely still as members of the Vancouver Canucks, they will be placed much higher on this list. Daniel Sedin currently ranks 10th in goals and 7th in assists, while twin brother Henrik ranks 5th in assists in franchise history.

The two have never played a game for any other NHL team and their value to the club was determined this summer with lengthy 6.1 million dollar contracts which solidified them with goalie Roberto Luongo as the teams core and future.

15. Igor Larionov

Igor Larionov may not have had a prolific career as a Vancouver Canucks. But he is undeniably one of the best player ever to dawn the Canucks jersey and his contribution to the growth of Pavel Bure must not be forgotten.

Igor played 3 seasons for Vancouver and was recently inducted in to the hockey hall of fame.

14. Harold Snepsts

Harold Snepsts played nearly 800 games as a Vancouver Canucks and will always be remembered by fans for his fun loving spirit and stay at home defensive qualities. Snepsts played almost 100 playoff games for the Canucks.

13. Doug Lidster

Doug Lidster currently sites 4th in Canucks all time scoring for defensemen and 7th in games played. A BC boy from Kamloops, Doug was a fan favorite during his 10 seasons with the Canucks.

12. Tony Tanti

Tony Tanti, a 5 time 30+ goal scorer for the Vancouver Canucks in the late 80’s and early 90’s, currently ranks 5th in goals scored and 6th in points in Canucks franchise history. Tony shares the hat-trick lead with Markus Naslund scoring 10 hat-tricks in just 8 seasons.

11. Dennis Kearns

A man who never played an NHL game in any uniform but that of the Vancouver Canucks, Dennis Kearns played nearly 700 games good for 6th in Canucks history. Dennis also sits 6th in the assists category.

10. Mattias Ohlund

Mattias Ohlund was a defensive stalwart for the Canucks for 11 straight seasons. Ohlund moved on to the Tampa Bay Lightning this summer as the highest scoring defenseman in Canucks history. Mattias is 5th all time in games played in Canucks uniform. His calm demeanor and leadership abilities have been missed since his departure and with his retirement he will likely move up higher on this list.

9. Richard Brodeur

“King” Richard was largely responsible for the Vancouver Canucks 1982 run to the Stanley Cup finals. Brodeur spent 8 seasons with the Canucks playing almost 400 games, the second most of any Canucks goaltender. Brodeur also sits 2nd on the Canucks all time wins list.

8. Todd Bertuzzi

Bertuzzi sits 9th in points, 7th in goals, and 9th in assists for the Canucks all time. Big Bert was a large part of the “West Coast Express” era that returned the Canucks to winning ways after a long drought. Bertuzzi’s legacy in Vancouver was tainted by a sucker punch that ultimately broke the neck of Colorado Avalanche forward Steve Moore.

7. Kirk McLean

Kirk McLean made “the save” in game 7 of round 1 of the 1994 Stanley Cup playoffs that has since been regarded by many as the greatest save of all time. McLean nearly won the Conn Smyth trophy for playoff MVP in a losing effort for the Canucks during that playoff run. Kirk has the most wins as a Canucks goaltender and sits 2nd in shutouts.

6. Thomas Gradin

Thomas Gradin is currently 4th in points, 6th in goals, and 4th in assists in Canucks history. The Swedish forward was the Canucks first legitimate star, scoring 20+ goals 7 different times for Vancouver. Gradin posted 19 points during the 1982 Stanley Cup playoffs.

5. Roberto Luongo

In a very short time Roberto Luongo has managed to place himself in 3rd place for all time wins and 1st in Canucks history for both save percentage and goals against average. Luongo has been in consideration for the Vezina trophy in each of his seasons as a Vancouver Canuck. Luongo holds the franchise record for career shutouts.

4. Markus Naslund

Markus Naslund left the Vancouver Canucks as their all time leading scorer, posting 756 points in a Canucks uniform. Naslund ranks 1st in goals and 3rd in assists on the all time lists. Markus was team captain and a big part of the “West Coast Express” line that helped return the Canucks to their winning ways. Naslund is one of just two Canucks players to post over 100 points in a season. Naslund posted 30+ goals in 6 seasons for Vancouver.

3. Pavel Bure

Pavel Bure was hands down the most exciting hockey played in Vancouver Canucks history. Putting up 254 goals in just 428 games for Vancouver and another 34 in 60 playoff games. The Russian Rocket lead the Canucks to teh Stanley Cup finals in 1994 scoring 31 points in 24 games. Pavel is 5th in points and 4th in goals on the Canucks all time lists.

2. Stan Smyl

Stan Smyl ranks 3rd in points, 3rd in goals, and 2nd in assists in Canucks history. The Steamer added 33 playoff points and captained the team for many years. Stan played 896 NHL games, all with the Vancouver Canucks.

1. Trevor Linden

Trevor Linden was the heart and soul of the Canucks for many years. As team captain of the 1994 team that went to the Stanley Cup finals, Linden posted 25 points in 24 games during those playoffs. Linden retired 2nd in points, 2nd in goals scored, and 1st in assists in Canucks all time history.

Trevor Linden scored over 30 goals 5 times as a Canuck and even in his later years was a performer Trevor is very highly regarded in the Vancouver Canucks organization and many assume that he will take an front office job with the Canucks in the future.

Do You Agree?

If you had to choose 16, would these be the top Vancouver Canucks players on your list?

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