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Tequila Kitchen Takes You Away

tk-saladWinter has only barely started and already I feel like throwing on a sombrero, putting an umbrella in my drink and pretending I’m south of the border. Yaletown’s Tequila Kitchen can’t help with the cold but they can provide the tequila and tortilla chips while you dream up an escape plan. In fact, they will serve up a lot more than that. Sleek and sophisticated with nary a sombrero in sight, this is an upscale twist on the traditional taco. They have several on the menu flat iron steak, duck, pulled pork, shrimp and fried fishbut you’ll also find rich mole, ceviche and lamb in tequila and chilli sauce.  Some favourites are the tostadas de atun ($11), open-faced raw tuna tostados with lime and avocado, and camarones al tequila ($16), shrimp cooked in tequila sauce.

The menu is meant to be botanas-style, small plates, so go with a group and get several to share. They have a tasting menu available for $27 which changes seasonally, but which always includes a soup or appetizer, a choice of main course and delicious dessert.

tk-margaritaOwner Laura Enriquez, her partner Claudia Ibarrondo and son Emiliano Nunez are working hard to bring not only the flavours of Mexico to Yaletown, but also the fun, and this is best demonstrated in the 18-strong tequila list, the back bar where cucaracha shots (tequila and Grand Marnier warmed in a brandy snifter) are served up and – easily my favourite thing on the menu – the hand-muddled cucumber-serrano pepper margarita. Piquant pepper and cool cucumber prove to be the perfect mix and they go down so easy.  Also be sure to try the watermelon and hibiscus rose margaritas, so that the daily fresh made juices and syrups don’t go to waste.

Before you know it you’ll have forgotten all about the cold outside.

Tequila Kitchen

1043 Mainland St., Vancouver

Adam Toren

Adam Toren
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