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Strike a (Yoga) Pose

Vancouver was once known as the coffee-mad town with kitty-corner Starbucks (the two cafés still face each other where Robson intersects Thurlow); today, however, it’s side-by-side yoga studios that arguably make our town unique. But the real boon of this new development to Vancouverites: unprecedented access to an activity that’s as good for your body as it is for your soul, and a suite of styles to suit every yogi, offered by studios across the city.

Ashtanga @ Ashtanga Yoga Vancouver

Synchronizing breath with a series of postures produces a purifying sweat that detoxifies muscles and organs. Benefits: improved circulation, a light, strong body and calm mind.

Couples @ The Path Yoga Centre

Non-competitive physical postures, conscious breathing, touch, trust, communication and “a healthy dose of playfulness” for partners. Benefits: time together.

Flow @ YYoga

A flowing sequence of postures—standing, balancing, seated, inverted—focusing on core strength, breath awareness and alignment. Benefits: perfect balance of energy and calm for body and mind.

Hatha @ Semperviva Yoga

Classical yoga strengthens, stretches, tones and relaxes the entire body. Benefits: increased muscle tone, improved flexibility and concentration, and deep relaxation.

Hot @ Moksha Yoga

This brand of hot yoga stretches, strengthens and tones the muscles, detoxifies the body and calms the mind. Themed classes may focus on breath awareness, building strength, etc. Benefits: reduced stress, rejuvenated internal system and “a little yoga twinkle in the eye.”

Iyengar @ The Yoga Space

Uses props (ropes, straps, blocks, bolsters) for better mobility and steadiness in your practice. Iyengar stresses the importance of inverted poses: headstand, shoulder stand, handstand and elbow balance. Benefits: correct physical alignment leads to the goal of meditation in action.

Kids’ @ Butterfly Yoga

Yoga for kids of all ages, from preschool to preteen and beyond, as well as families. Benefits: builds strength and confidence in children.

Kundalini @ Yoga West

In Hindu tradition, this pure spiritual science leads to enlightenment. Vancouver’s only Kundalini studio offers a variety of specialized classes, like a women-only series. Benefits: awakening of Kundalini (inner knowledge, awareness and evolved consciousness).

Men’s @ Open Space Yoga

Designed to focus on most guys’ needs: releasing tight hamstrings and hips, stabilizing the core to reduce back pain and a relaxation series. Benefits: no girls allowed.

Mom & Baby @ Neomama

A gentle-yet-challenging yoga-Pilates combo that helps new moms rejuvenate, recondition and realign the body. A portion of class is dedicated to infant massage. Benefits: get back to your pre-pregnancy body!

Power @ Open Door Yoga

Geared to those with prior posture experience, fast-paced power yoga, an Ashtanga-Hatha blend, works the cardiovascular system and incorporates the sun salutation series in a dynamic flow. Benefits: great cardio workout for experienced yogis.

Vinyasa @ Sanga Yoga

Like Ashtanga, Vinyasa connects movement and breath but allows the rearrangement of postures into different sequences that can meet your need or mood. Benefits: conscious control of body, relaxation of mind and release of energy blockages throughout.

Yin @ Yoga Cara

Yin goes deeper, targeting connective tissues, such as ligaments, bones and joints normally not stimulated in more active styles of yoga. Benefits: rather than muscle development, focus is on the connective tissues and joints.

Adam Toren

Adam Toren
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