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Salam Bombay – Contemporary Indian Cusine

dsc02323After an extensive search for the perfect home for his new contemporary Indian restaurant, owner Jose Madappilly finally found it. I recently had the pleasure of dining at Salam Bombay, and the honour of being served by Jose himself. The gracious owner/host took time to answer a few questions, despite the bustling activity of the dinner rush.

VancouverBC.com: How did you come up with this location?

dsc03080Jose Madappilly: Prior to opening this place we looked at around 50 or so other locations over a period of a year and a half. It was a combination of the dining room, kitchen and location, but [we] had to compromise with the great price tag. Well, its Alberni entrance is [an] enviable location.

VBC: How are you approaching business during the current economic downturn?

JM: It hurts everybody. We are trying to walk ahead of it. It all comes down to giving value to your guests without compromising on the quality.

dsc02441VBC: How would you describe Salam Bombay?

JM: Simply an elegant Indian restaurant. We take pride in the food, the service and the ambiance.

VBC: How would you rank yourself with the other Indian eateries in town?

JM: Absolutely the best! Sorry, I should leave that up to you to judge. I am trying to win no accolades or awards here. If you walk into my restaurant I want you to walk out happy.

VBC: You yourself are a good cook-we’ve seen you on City TV. Where did you learn to cook?

JM: Well, I enjoyed traveling Europe and the Americas. But I learned cooking back home in India.

VBC: If you did not own this restaurant, what else would you been doing?

JM: Food was never my weakness, but good food is, and I enjoy doing what I do. Hmm… To answer your question, I would have been an actor.

Call 604-681-6300 or visit salambombay.com for more information or to make reservations.

Adam Toren

Adam Toren
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