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Raincity Grill: Discover Heavenly Dishes in the Vibrant West End

Raincity Grill Vancouver BC

If you have a love for locally sourced food, a beachside grill ambiance and  spectacular views of the ocean, the Raincity Grill is the perfect place to dine for locals and tourists alike. While we have many beachside bars and restaurant venues around the city of Vancouver and outside, there is nothing that captures the true essence of English Bay and the West End like the Raincity Grill. It has a home-like feel, yet remains elegant and has been around since it opened its doors in 1992.

The Raincity Grill has its very own trademark 100-Mile Tasting Menu and Chef Nicolas uses the best sustainable and organic products available, combining them to make a colourful mix of world-class flavours, both attractive to the eye and tantalizing to the taste buds.  A recent catch phrase known as ‘Farm-to-table’ has been a Raincity Grill philosophy for over twenty years. With an extensive wine list that shows off the best of the best of the Pacific West Coast, the Raincity Grill not only welcomes thousands of customers every year but also turns them into repeat diners. The staff are highly knowledgeable when it comes to the menu and very friendly. The staff and the service reflect the passion and dedication for providing outstanding service and delicious locally sourced food. The Raincity Grill believes in providing tourists and locals with the best dining experience that one can have when in Vancouver and when touring the famed English Bay area.

Three Highlights That Make The Raincity Grill Unique:

  • Sustainable organic products that offer guests a ‘natural’ dining experience.
  • A trademark 100-Mile tasting menu complete with ingredients that represent their present and future commitment to naturally sourced food.
  • A fabulous English Bay location with picturesque ocean views and a lively local and tourist crowd.

Our Dining Experience At The Raincity Grill

We had a lovely dining experience at the Raincity Grill and sampled some mouth-watering delicacies that were taste bud awakening and ‘new’ to us as we hadn’t tried them before. We began with a few refreshing cocktails and my beau tried a nice pale ale while I was surprised by our server with an ‘adult’ Shirley Temple. I had asked for a non-alcoholic fruity-spritzer-type of drink and it was thirst-quenching, sweet and perfect on a hot summer day.

Our first dish was a delicious Tomato and Cucumber Gazpacho with marinated clams and a horseradish-basil sorbet. I had never tried gazpacho in any form before and this was the perfect first tasting experience. (I’m sure other gazpachos that I try from here on out will go to shame!)

I polished it off and even used a morsel of  bread to absorb all the greatness of the dish. Up next, Chef Nicolas dazzled our taste buds with a crab salad complete with watercress, avocado puree, a radish of some sort and some other tasty morsels. Unfortunately I could not remember every ingredient in every dish, but I can say without a doubt that every dish that crossed our table was extremely flavourful and exceeded our expectations in full. Our third dish consisted of a grilled scallop (my favourite!) with carrot puree, zucchini, rhubarb jelly and pickled rhubarb. For our main, we were pleasantly surprised with a beautiful rack of lamb, green peas, morel mushrooms, gnocchi and avocado puree. It was succulent and definitely won a place in our hearts. (And tummies!)

For dessert, Chef Nicolas prepared a cheesecake dish with rhubarb and rhubarb jelly. The interesting thing about this dish and what made it unique is that it was like a cheesecake divided up by each ingredient and displayed across the plate in an attractive design. You could mix the flavours the way you want to and offer your palate a decadent burst of flavour with each mouthful.

In A Nutshell

We were thrilled with our tasting experience as we thought the restaurant would be offering a menu of only grilled items and beachside treats. This restaurant is in fact an excellent place for fine dining, a romantic first date or wedding anniversary celebration. Without a doubt I would return for more of Chef Nicolas’s tasty delights and creative selection of menu items. Menu options are abundant and depending on the time of day, you can choose anything from a Dungeness Crab and Chive Omelette and fish n’ chips to Fraser Canyon White Rabbit and Eco-Tagged Line Caught Lingcod.

With the perfect beachside location, a sunny patio area for drinks with friends, fine dining options inside and fabulous staff, the Raincity Grill is perfect for almost any type of dining experience.


Raincity Grill

1193 Denman St, Vancouver, BC

Tel: 604-685-7337

Web: www.RaincityGrill.com

** A special thanks to Chef Nicolas for preparing all of our tasty dishes and Nicola at HETH PR for arranging our exquisite dining experience.**



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