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“Mr. Postman, Send me a Dream”

pantybypost_adamrootmanDo you ever open your mailbox hoping to find something more than just bills? Maybe an unexpected postcard from a friend traveling, maybe a birthday card form grandma or maybe a rare government cheque for you have no idea what for. But have you ever thought you’d finding panties in your post?

When the ladies behind Panty by Post (www.pantybypost.com) opened their panty drawers and saw the correlation of your choice in undergarments with the way you feel, they knew they weren’t alone. Since Christmas 2008, Vancouver-based founders Lori and Natalie had been putting unexpected smiles on ladies faces as they open up a surprise package in their mail: luxurious, sensual, pretty and frilly panties by Blush (www.blushlingerie.com). From Montreal, Blush panties are French-inspired and are chosen by Lori and Natalie for their quality, style and sheer sexiness! They give a certain “ooo la, la” to the “je ne sais quois”.

pbp_logoHow did you ladies come up with this concept?

While Natalie was spending the summer in France, she often wandered the streets people watching. She was always amazed by their beauty and sophistication and began to think if they are so put together on the outside, it must come from under their wear..underwear! The idea of making this notion accessible for all women was the foundation of Panty By Post. She emailed me this concept and we got the wheels in motion simply by opening our own lingerie drawer and finding the right “fit” -comfortable, sexy, economical and durable. Now we thought , we need to add richness to the feeling, not simply an online store, we thought nostalgia and anticipation, bring back the excitement of receiving a little surprise in the mail!

How does the Panty by Post process work?

It’s as easy as un, deux, trois! (one, two , three)

Simply log onto pantybypost.com, view some of our styles in our opening page or gallery for more, click on send panties or “un” and choose your style, your size and proceed to “deux” to fill in the rest. If it’s a gift your are sending, you may enter a special message and of course we are very open to special requests.

pantybypost_mg_1507What’s your favourite panty style by Blush to date? Any one in particular that made you fall in love with the Blush brand?

Well the one that made us search out Blush in the first place has been in my drawer for months and they still look brand new. But I would have to say that my favourite right now would be the A la Folie, what has become our signature panty which can be seen hanging on the chandelier on our splash page.

Name one necessary extravagance (besides panties)?

Briefs in a Box! The soon to be male version of our business!

Adam Toren

Adam Toren
Adam Toren is born and raised in Vancouver BC and loves everything Vancouver BC has to offer. He loves traveling and exploring new and unique restaurants and places around the world.