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Miku Restaurant: A Taste of the Extraordinary

Miku Restaurant

Situated at world-famous Canada Place in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia and featuring stunning waterfront views of the North Shore and beyond, Miku Restaurant provides guests with the ultimate sensory experience. With a vibrant menu, warm ambiance, gourmet Aburi-style sushi, flavourful cocktails and elements of Italian and French cuisine, this popular Japanese restaurants west coast menu awakens taste buds and captures hearts.

Miku Restaurant
Miku Restaurant

What is Aburi-style Sushi?

If you are wondering what Aburi-style sushi is, it is the art of sear-flaming sushi after it has been creatively put together. It has been known that a light sear to sushi creations enhances the natural flavour of the fish. This form of culinary greatness takes sushi to a whole new level.

Miku originally introduced this unique form of sushi to the people of Vancouver back in 2008 when it was located in Coal Harbour. Miku’s current waterfront location has a chic and classy bar and lounge area that attracts the after-work crowd as well as many others. Complete with a waterfront patio, a full service sushi bar and a private dining room, this venue attracts people from far and beyond whether it is for a romantic dining experience or a family get together.

Miku Restaurant

Miku Restaurant

Executive Corporate Chef Kazuya Matsuoka and Executive Chef Kazuhiro Hayashi use mouth-watering fresh regional ingredients and include Ocean Wise seafood options to showcase the best of what Vancouver has to offer. Miku’s traditional method of cooking their rice, also called ‘shari’ has been passed down for over 60 years. It add to the unique style of the restaurant’s Aburi sushi, the dish and cooking style that Miku is famous for. While breaking the stereotypical mold of Japanese cooking, this restaurant has managed to attract a wide range of personality types and sushi lovers.

The restaurant offers a selection of cocktails and bar bites to start off. Some must-try menu items and dishes to sample are the Aburi sushi, Soba Pepperoncino, Aburi Salmon Oshi, Aburi Beef Carpaccio, Miku Waterfront Platter and the scrumptious Saikyo Miso Baked Sablefish. If you want a taste of all that Miku has to offer, make sure you order the Miku Shokai Tasting Menu which covers a variety of flavours from the kitchen.


Guests can end each fabulous meal with a decadent delight when they choose from a variety of innovative desserts such as the flavourful Green Tea Opera and sinful Cherry Cassis Slice that are made in-house by the creative pastry team. To compliment the entire meal, guests can sip a unique Daiginjo or Ginjo Sake, the perfect way to enhance the Miku dining experience.

The restaurant and business as a whole follow the Ningenmi philosophy which is defined as, “”finding a joy in your life by bringing to others.”  Miku restaurant represents this philosophy through the many delicious dish creations that continue to bring people together and create a memorable experience as a whole.

Three Highlights That Make This Restaurant Unique

 Miku Restaurant

Our Dining Experience at Miku Restaurant

From start to finish, our Miku dining experience was one that we will never forget. We were seated right at the back of the restaurant which offered spectacular views of Canada Place and its five sails, as well as the North Shore Mountains. We were welcomed with an amuse bouche and Ginjo Sake by the manager, Autumn Hong which we found was very hospitable. The Ginjo Sake was so refined and bursting with flavour, and I had never tasted a sake like it.

We had a delightful server who served us green tea and water to start, and came by with two different types of soya for our upcoming dish. We ordered the Miku Shokai Tasting Menu which is a 6-part selection of trademark dishes from the Miku kitchen.

To start, we enjoyed the Chef’s selection of sashimi, which included yellow tail, salmon and tuna. My fiancé Shaun, who is a bit of a sushi connoisseur commented on the high-quality of the sashimi. I enjoyed all of it and especially enjoyed trying yellow tail for the first time. It was beautifully plated and a fantastic way to awaken our taste buds for what was to come.

Miku Restaurant

The second part of this tasty Miku journey was the Miku Zen plate that comes in a box plate with different sections. Included in this plate is the Nutrigreen Farm Tofu Salad with Umami-soy dressing (loved this!), Today’s Oysters featuring wasabi with chimichurri and kaffir lime mignonette, a Jumbo Shrimp with ginger cocktail sauce, Jidori Chicken Nanban marinated in sweet and sour sauce and complimented with house-made tartar. I thoroughly enjoyed this dish as every compartment served up a unique flavour.

Miku Restaurant

Next up was the Saikyo Miso Baked Sablefish. I am a bit speechless when it comes to describing just how scrumptious this was. It literally would melt in your mouth and I found myself eating little mouthfuls of it because I just didn’t want this yummy experience to come to an end. My fiancé and I even contemplated sipping the remainder of the sauce from the dish, but of course avoided the embarrassment. All I can say is that it was 5-star sablefish for me. This dish was accompanied by wasabi pickles, eggplant, broccolini and yuzu saikyo miso sauce.

The fourth course was the Filet Mignon which was another winner for us. We couldn’t get enough of it and absolutely adored the wasabi veal jus, iwanori butter mash potatoes and seasonal vegetables. (Unfortunately I was too busy enjoying to take a photo of this one 🙂

Miku Restaurant

The fifth part of this phenomenal tasting menu was the Aburi Sushi experience. (See above!) You were wondering when that would come into the dining experience weren’t you? Well, as it was explained to us, the Aburi comes later in the tasting menu as it can be quite heavy and fill you up faster. If you were to eat the Aburi sushi on this tasting menu first, you may feel overly stuffed by the time the amazing Sablefish and Filet Mignon comes to the table. Aburi sushi doesn’t require soya sauce or any dressing as the flavours created by the searing process are intense. I really enjoyed trying Aburi-style sushi and will definitely return to try it again.

Miku Restaurant

Sadly, we were nearing the end of our tasting menu, but the fun was yet to begin once a smaller version of the Green Tea Opera dessert arrived at the table. It was both refreshing and sinful all at once. I felt like I had encountered the playground of desserts as there were all these ingredients to try!

Our dinner at Miku Restaurant was truly a unique experience. I haven’t ever had this type of experience when it comes to Japanese dining. This restaurant certainly has the key to customer satisfaction and I am positive it will keep guests coming back for years to come.

In a Nutshell

I would highly recommend Miku Restaurant to anyone seeking a unique first-class Japanese sushi experience in Vancouver, British Columbia. From beginning to end, the food was extremely flavourful, beautifully displayed with great detail and the waterfront views were breathtaking.

Perfect For?

Miku is perfect for a date, work luncheon, family get together or meeting up with friends.


70-200 Granville Street, Granville Square (Canada Place Way and Howe Street)
Vancouver, BC, Canada V6C 1S4
Tel: 604-568-3900
Website: www.MikuRestaurant.com


** A special thanks to the Manager, Autumn Hong for a warm welcome and to Executive Corporate Chef Kazuya Matsuoka and Executive Chef Kazuhiro Hayashi  for preparing all of our tasty dishes on the Miku Shokai Tasting Menu. Also, thank you to Sophia Cheng of Sophia Cheng PR  for arranging our exquisite dining experience.**

Media review written by Natasha Jervis, Travel Copywriter


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