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Method to the Madness… Singer, Téa

I happened to be having dinner with a friend at a local restaurant a few weeks back.  My friend and I decided to stay a little longer to listen to the musician that was scheduled to play… Téa, and it was definitely worth it.   Her voice, I would describe as unique and sultry with a European jazz/pop flavor.  Not just a singer, a classically trained pianist and has also mastered the guitar.

Born to a musical family in Belgrade, Serbia, Téa and her family decided to all move to Vancouver when Téa was in her early teens.  She wrote her first song when she was just 15 and continues to write when the inspiration hits her.  “I don’t have a radio or a CD player in my car so I tend to come up with a lot of melodies and lyrics while I’m driving.  Lyrics for me, are a very subjective, somewhat philosophical and often ‘diary style’ part of music, so I appreciate it immensely when people tell me they relate to the words I write.” Always looking to be creative with her live shows, in the future Téa would love to eventually add a horn section and a DJ to her band.

In the past, Téa has worked with various producers and award winning songwriters.  But it was the collaboration with producer Howard Redekopp (Tegan and Sara, 54-40, New Pornographers, Mother Mother), which resulted in the EP Method to the Madness that is…true Téa.

She has, as I would describe, the ‘it factor’.  A genuine talent that I can’t believe has not been discovered…yet.


Upcoming Shows:

Every Thursdays
Yew York – 1602 Yew Street

Dec.  2/08
The Cellar Jazz Club –  3611 West Broadway

Dec. 10/08
The Backstage Lounge – 1585 Johnston Street, Granville Island

Adam Toren

Adam Toren
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