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Maurya Raises the Bar on Indian Cuisine

mauryaMy sister asked me to grab a glass of wine last week and when she suggested Maurya Indian Cuisine, I thought I must have heard wrong. Indian is for ordering in mass quantities, mopping up with handfuls of naan and washing down with beer, isn’t it? It is in my family.

But no, she was completely right. The room on Broadway with high ceilings, chandeliers and candlelight and marble everywhere, is just gorgeous. It feels like the dining room of a duke and somehow manages to drip luxury without being the slightest bit pretentious.

It does it without being overly expensive either.  The dishes are more than you’d pay in East Van, but this is playing to a whole different crowd. For starters we had Lasuni Gobi ($9.95), fried cauliflower in soy garlic sauce, and vegetable fritters Subz Khazana ($11.95).  Both were delicious, but by the end of it I was wishing I had ordered a dry Riesling to cut the fried batter, instead of pairing it with a Malbec.

However the butter chicken ($15.95), is a must, and my personal favourite, channa masala ($12.95) is nothing to shake a stick at either. If you’re looking for something more exotic, try the Lobster Malabar ($29.95). Its lobster cooked with curry leaves, black pepper and red wine and served with basmati rice, garlic vegetables and naan bread and it sounds heavenly.

Maurya does do take-out (ordering is even available online), but to miss out on the warm atmosphere would be to do yourself a disservice.

Maurya Indian Cuisine
1643 West Broadway, Vancouver

Adam Toren

Adam Toren
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