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Luxury and Super Car Weekend at VanDusen Gardens

VancouverBC.com Exclusive

Barbara: Hi, I’m Barbara Beam with Vancouverbc.com. Forget about Coal Harbour, Yaletown, or the eye candy you see down on Robson Street. VanDusen Botanical Gardens is the place to see luxurious super cars, all in one place and one fantastic space. Today we find ourselves at the luxury and super car weekend at VanDusen Gardens, where once a year we get a unique opportunity to view the world’s most important examples of automotive achievements. Each car on display is hand-picked by the Concours d’Elegance Selection Committee. These are automotive enthusiasts of rare luxury super cars, vintage collectables, electric, hybrid, and concept cars. With a high profile guest list and entertainment to suit upscale taste, the luxury and super car Concours d’Elegance is one of the most anticipated automotive, lifestyle, and fashion events on the metro Vancouver social calendar.

So Craig, how long did it take you to organize this event?

Craig: Well, we did it the same weekend last year. We start really at 364 days out and then start building it up all the way to now. What’s funny is that we get people that want to put their cars in on the last day. Usually we’re closed, but if it’s an exceptional car, like one of these two. We got this car at the very last minute, so we rolled this in at 12:00 midnight last night. It’s those exceptional cars that you want to put in and put on display.

Barbara: What are your favorite cars? You’ve got a lot of new cars and a lot of great looking old cars as well.

Craig: My favorite car actually is that that car over there. It’s a Porsche GT Carrera, 2007. It’s really a race car that you can drive on the street. And then this is my second favorite car. That’s what we’ve been able to achieve here, except we really have the historic cars from the past, those iconic, fantastic collector cars. And then we have the super cars of today and the future. What we wanted to do is have a very inclusive environment where men and women are going to come. We’ve got great fashion, great food, great wine, and fabulous cars. It’s really a fun couple event. We’ve got people from the ages of 16 up to 90 that really enjoy it. They have a passion for design, music, fashion, food, and wine. We try to combine all that in the center of the city in this fantastic botanical garden.

Barbara: Julia, how are you liking the car show today?

Julia: It’s a gorgeous day. It’s a blue sky, just beautiful weather. Just look at the cars here and all the people. It’s just a fantastic day to be out here for the afternoon.

Barbara: What’s the thing that you look forward to every year?

Julia: Our friends come to this; we just love the social setting. There’s great people and there’s great cars. There’s fashion, and again, you can’t beat a fantastic environment like this. It’s great for having a fantastic time this weekend.

Barbara: You’re into electric cars now. You’ve got some beautiful looking cars.

Craig: Well it’s a little bit more than just electric, because I quite frankly don’t believe pure electric cars are going to be a big market for a while, so I decided to create a car that was electric, but with extended range. The first 80 kilometers is pure electric. After that, there’s a gasoline engine switching over and actually turning a generator, creating electricity while you drive. The advantage is that there’s no gear shift in the car, neither in the gasoline mode or the electric mode. It should accelerate from 0 to 200 kilometers in an hour in one gear.

Barbara: As you’ve seen, the luxury super car show weekend has turned into one of the most anticipated events of the year. Each year doubling in size and including everything from modern to classic cars, motorcycles, as well as luxury boats and fashion shows, presented on the Mercedes-Benz fashion stage. Make sure to mark this on your calendar, so you don’t miss out next year.

For Vancouverbc.com, I’m Barbara Beam. Vancouverbc.com exclusive.

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