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Local Talent Spotlight

Local actor Ryan Robbins is starring in the new sci-fi series Sanctuary airing on The Movie Network and Movie Central. The series was originally launched on the Internet as eight webisodes in 2007, but has now moved to the small screen. Though filmed in Vancouver, as much as 80 percent of any given episode is shot using green screen technology. Sanctuary is a show about a small group of investigators lead by Helen Magnus, played be Amanda Tapping, specializing in finding sentient mutants and monsters.

Robbins plays geek tech-wiz Henry Foss, a weapons designer and computer specialist. His technical expertise keeps the Sanctuary at maximum security…most of the time. Henry is outspoken, witty and undeniably brilliant. But like most residents of Sanctuary, there is more to Henry than meets the eye.

Adam Toren

Adam Toren
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