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For the Love of Luge…

Claudette Carracedo Photo -61Who: Jeff Christie
Home: Born in Vancouver, BC and currently residing in Calgary, Alberta
Sport: Luge

Canada’s Jeff Christie has been luging for 14 years and competing on a national level for the past nine. After a fast-paced season in 2006–07, Christie was selected by the world’s elite luge athletes to represent them on the International Luge Federation (FIL) Sport Commission. Christie’s first trip to the Olympic Winter Games was in 2006, and he completed the World Cup season with four top-ten finishes in eight races, including a sixth-place finish on his home track in Calgary. Christie now has his sights set on becoming the first Canadian luge athlete to win a medal at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. When Christie is off the luge track, he is working to complete his degree in business from the University of Calgary. He took time from his busy schedule training for the winter Olympics and studying to answer a few questions.

VancouverBC.com: How did you get into one of the most exciting and dangerous winter Olympic sports?
Jeff Christie: “I went to a summer sports camp at Canada Olympic Park in Calgary (COP) when I was 11 years old. COP is where the Olympic Track for the 1988 Olympics is and so luge was one of the sports I tried. I loved it enough that I joined the luge program that fall and have been sliding ever since. And it’s not dangerous…downhill skiing, now that is dangerous!”

VBC: What are you doing in the final months to get ready for 2010?
JC: “I am currently in Whistler to start our sliding season and we are here off and on training until the Olympics. We also have been training in the gym since April; however, that is normal for us every year.”

Claudette Carracedo Photo -59VBC: As the Olympics near, how are your feelings changing? Are you getting more excited or nervous or a bit of both?
JC: “My feelings are the same as they have always been—I am excited for the Games. Especially because they are in Canada, but I know that it is just another race and I have to perform to my best no matter what.”

VBC: How do you feel about your event being hosted in Whistler and so close to your birthplace?
JC: “I think that having my event in Whistler is going to be amazing. This town is meant for big events and I have no doubt that it is going to absolutely shine during the Olympics. The people here are amazing, and people make the Games what they are.”

VBC: What is your favourite place in the world to compete?
“Konigssee in Germany. It is the oldest artificial track in the world and always has a huge crowd. The place is steeped in tradition. I love it there.”

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