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Me & Julio

I want so badly to love Me & Julio. When it came to Commercial Drive, I was so excited. I loved Lolita’s in the West End, the Drive was in dire need of some decent Mexican and it was a beautiful space, vacated by a sh...

No Art at the Art Gallery Cafe

I don’t know what it is about art galleries having a tradition of serving up reasonably good food cafeteria-style, but it seems to be a trend and the Vancouver Art Gallery is no different. We’ve got a decent museum ...


The Cascade Room Calms with Cocktails

On the front of the Cascade Room’s menu (not to mention on a partition in the entryway), it reads in big block letters, KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON which I have always taken to mean “be cool and don’t freak out whe...

Goldfish Pacific Kitchen Dazzles, Might Impress

Every time I go to Goldfish Pacific Kitchen, I can’t help but think of the song from Chicago; “Give ’em the old razzle dazzle…” Sitting beneath a ceiling throwing pink then blue colored light again...


Irish Heather Housewarming

I admit that when I heard the Irish Heather was closing its doors and moving across the street after eleven years of operation in Gastown, I was seized with a sort of panic. I immediately headed down to the Shebeen Whiskey Hous...

Uva Makes a Beautiful Mouth

Uva means grape in Italian, but in that language of love it does something beautiful to your mouth. Try it. You will look like an Italian supermodel blowing kisses to the camera in Capri. And that is exactly how you will feel s...


Brunching with the Masters

It can be hard enough to find a good brunch spot without worrying about having something nice to look at while you eat, so the Autumn Brook Gallery has solved that nicely by putting in a kitchen and serving brunch in the front ...