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Best Downtown Power Lunches

You’ve only got one hour to refuel. The boss is clocking when you’ll slide into that cubicle again and get back to work on that spreadsheet. In lieu of the usual greasy offerings at the food court, consider Sciué Italian Bakery...

BBQ Japanese Style at Zakkushi

Walking into Zakkushi, I did a double-take, I felt like I had fallen through some kind of worm hole into a roadside inn in Japan.


Maurya Raises the Bar on Indian Cuisine

My sister asked me to grab a glass of wine last week and when she suggested Maurya Indian Cuisine, I thought I must have heard wrong. Indian is for ordering in mass quantities, mopping up with handfuls of naan and washing down ...

Doña Cata Does Tacos Right

It’s often said that there is a dearth of good Mexican restaurants in Vancouver, but for those who know where to look, it is possible to get a perfect, authentic taco.  Doña Cata in East Van, decked out in bright colours ...


The Charlatan

I think I am honour-bound, by the code of pub-goers, to love a watering hole that is two blocks from my house. Except that I would still frequent the Charlatan even if it were out of stumbling distance. It’s part pub, par...

Tequila Kitchen Takes You Away

Winter has only barely started and already I feel like throwing on a sombrero, putting an umbrella in my drink and pretending I'm south of the border.


Cafe Medina Brings Cool Calm to Midday

Back when they only had the kitchen capacity to do Liege waffles for breakfast, Café Medina was still a charming little place, much loved amongst my friends for a tea or a snack. Now that they have expanded in recent months to ...

Me & Julio

I want so badly to love Me & Julio. When it came to Commercial Drive, I was so excited. I loved Lolita’s in the West End, the Drive was in dire need of some decent Mexican and it was a beautiful space, vacated by a sh...