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Ideal Jobs for Food Lovers

It’s a fact of life that we simply cannot live without food but for many of us; it is less a necessity and more a passion. With so much more interest into the food and drink we consume these days, a whole range of different jobs in food have become available, with so many unexpected paths for food lovers to take so they can finally have that dream career that would inspire envy in so many others.
Food Stylist
Yes, this really is a career – and an increasingly popular one at that. People have really come round to the power of a beautifully presented dish in recent years and the well-known phrase, ‘you eat with your eyes first’, really is the mantra of any good food stylist. The job of this person is to arrange the prepared food in a way that is utterly tantalising and totally eye-catching to any passers-by, making them want it before they have even tasted a morsel.
Food writer
This is the ideal career for anyone with a critical palate and a knack for words. Perhaps your skills lie less in your own ability to cook food and more in your appreciation and understanding of other peoples’. If this is the case, writing or blogging about restaurants and the different dishes you come across can be an exciting way to voice your opinion and spread your passion, all the while making a living.
Food taster
This job really sounds too good to be true with one man even winning the chance to be Australia’s official ‘taste master’.While not everyone may get as lucky as him, the story is evidence of the fact that many organisations, including some hotels and restaurants, will actually pay people to sample cuisine and report back to them; be it for inspiration or even the inside scoop on the competition.
For some people, their intrigue lies in the science behind the food and the nutritional benefits of what we put into our bodies. This is where the role of a nutritionist comes into play – increasingly in demand due to calls for healthier cuisine. Their entire job focuses around finding the best ways to make delicious food equally as beneficial as it is enjoyable.
It seems like the obvious career choice for anyone who has a passion for ingredients and creating beautiful dishes but the truth is, many people don’t aspire to it because they don’t think they would make it. It is true that being a professional chef takes a lot of hard work and dedication to your field but making it to the top spot in your very own working kitchen is the ultimate reward for any foodie that makes copious amounts of blood, sweat and tears seem completely worth it.
A great way for food lovers to work with their passion is to pass on the mantle to the next generation, ensuring an everlasting appreciation of the food we eat. From cookery teachers in schools to top educators at culinary colleges and from practical, hands-on techniques to scientific, nutritional theory, there are so many different ways to teach people about your love of good food.

Adam Toren

Adam Toren
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