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Introducing Paint Nite: A Creative Way to Spend an Evening


Paint Nite

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An Overview

Paint Nite offers a fantastic evening of creativity, conversation, and fun for anyone that is looking for something to do that is unique from the regular club hopping, shopping trips and movie nights. It is a fabulous idea as a gift or night out with friends or family when you are looking for something that offers some genuine time for bonding.

Many also find it as a great way to sneak some art therapy into their hectic, sometimes stressful weekly schedules. The best thing about Paint Nite is that you can continue hanging out with your besties, family member, or new love interest after the event as you are already at the bar!

About the Company

The creators of Paint Nite began these on-location events and parties as a creative alternative to a night out with friends, a date, or family. Inspiring people to drink creatively across 1500+ worldwide cities, their bar-based events have been showcased by The Daily Beast and by New York Magazine as The Best Friend Date.

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(Photo Credit: Paint Nite)

What Happens?

Guests arrive at the bar that is holding their Paint Nite event and enjoy two hours of artistic instruction and freedom while reproducing the artwork of their chosen night on a 16 x 20″ canvas. They can purchase a glass of wine, beer, mixed drinks, and food during the time they are creating their own masterpiece. Paint Nite provides all of the materials for the event such as the canvas, brushes, acrylic paints, water cups, easels, and aprons to protect your clothes from any paint. All you have to do is buy your drinks and get settled in for an evening of fun!

Each event has a local artist that leads the painting event and there is usually an assistant that helps out throughout the night. You are guided through every step of the way, from creating backdrops and mixing colours to using specific brush strokes and adding depth to your painting. All of this fun and excitement is held in a supportive and positive atmosphere where every painting is a unique expression of each individual – and there are no mistakes.

.Three Highlights of Paint Nite

  • A local master artist guides you through the entire process of your painting so you always feel supported.
  • Paint Nite provides all of the supplies that you will need to create your unique masterpiece.
  • You get to enjoy drinks with friends while doing something creative!


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My Personal Experience

I have gone to two Paint Nites now and plan on attending more of them soon. The two events I went to were held in a local hot spot, bar or restaurant in the city of Vancouver and they were such a blast! It was also extremely uplifting to see everyone put their phones down and actually socialize in one room. (Something that is very rare these days!)

I must admit, as I enjoyed my first “Cherry Blossom” painting experience with my best friend and hubby Shaun, we were a bit too serious about our paintings. We eventually cracked up laughing. There isn’t any room for perfection here as everyone’s painting was different. I was off to a great start and kept reminding myself it isn’t about perfection and that it is all about expression and having fun.

I eventually relaxed and just had a good time talking and laughing with my love. I personally believe a Paint Nite event would be a great way to break the ice on a first or second date. We had a great time and found that it gave us (as a married couple with kids) some genuine time to be together and utilize our creative skills. The local artist and our event host were very friendly and kept everyone laughing.

My second Paint Nite event was just as amazing. We were creating ‘The Jewel of Paris’, which has the Eiffel Tower with a purple backdrop of all shades and load of stars. My Eiffel Tower looked like a big ‘A’ at the end, but it is still hanging up in my home! Michael, our MC was hilarious and really kept a positive vibe flowing. Our local artist guide was fun and helpful as she guided us through various painting techniques. I went with my sister Samantha to this event and we had so much fun. It was her early birthday gift and she loved it!

In a Nutshell

I am already looking for the next event that I can attend. I will definitely try to do a Paint Nite every three months as I think it is an excellent way to re-connect with your creative self and connect with others at the same time. It’s time for all of us to put down our phones and get painting!


Paint Nite

Held in over 1500+ cities worldwide. Read more about Paint Nite here.

Check out the schedule of events here.

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