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Best Downtown Power Lunches

shutterstock_2690794-copyYou’ve only got one hour to refuel. The boss is clocking when you’ll slide into that cubicle again and get back to work on that spreadsheet. In lieu of the usual greasy offerings at the food court, consider Sciué Italian Bakery Caffé (800 W. Pender; 126 Davie), pronounced “shoe-eh,” Naples’s lingo for “good and fast.” And believe me, it delivers-with thin-crust Roman-style pizzas, pane romano, that are topped with nothing but fresh, authentic ingredients like pancetta, gorgonzola cheese, and mozzarella. Paninis, like the sardegna with roasted lamb, goat cheese, sundried tomato, and roasted garlic, are also standout. Word to the wise: get in the line-up early if you want to score an order of the daily gnocchi or Mama’s gooey many-layered lasagna.

If you want somewhere more elegant, YEW Restaurant & Bar (791 W. Georgia) is the gorgeously revamped old Garden Room in the Four Seasons Hotel. The theme is arboreal with plenty of wood accents (including a maple-slab communal table) and has a variety of different booth, table, and lounge seating options. The tired sandwich standards get rejuvenated with chicken tikka with tamarind and spicy apple chutney, all on masala durum bread. Besides more substantial mains, such as the steak frites and the crispy-skin grain-fed chicken, a personal favourite is the black truffle mac and cheese that will kick Kraft Dinner soundly to the curb.

And if your workplace is a little more eastward toward Crosstown, make a point of lunching at Café Medina (565 Beatty), the daytime sibling of next-door Chambar, where waffles (with irresistible toppings like lavender milk chocolate) reign supreme. Ease the guilt before the sweets and order the saffron-fragrant bouillabaisse or the spicy Moroccan meatballs with roasted vegetables, as well as hummus, yogurt, and cucumber salad.

Adam Toren

Adam Toren
Adam Toren is born and raised in Vancouver BC and loves everything Vancouver BC has to offer. He loves traveling and exploring new and unique restaurants and places around the world.