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BBQ Japanese Style at Zakkushi

zakkushi-doorWalking into Zakkushi, I did a double-take. Servers and kitchen staff hollered out in Japanese, soft candle-light reflected off warm wood and rows of sake bottles lined up on the rafters made me feel like I had fallen through some kind of worm hole into a roadside inn in Japan. We left our names with the hostess to go for a walk while waiting for a table fully expecting to exit into the Japanese countryside.

zakkushi-lightBut no, it was just 4th Avenue. However when we came back in the second time, the effect was no less lovely for being somewhat expected.

They call themselves Zakkushi Charcoal Grill Diner, because their speciality is yakitori – meat grilled on skewers.  So we ordered the kushi set ($9.80) which is a variety of skewers that includes Momo (chicken thigh), Memaki (garlic stubs wrapped with slices of pork), P*toro (pork toro), Shiso Maki (chicken thigh wrapped in shiso leaf), and Harami (beef with Japanese radish and ponzu sauce). Skewers are available individually as well, and several specials are offered each night.

zakkushi-kushiThe idea is simple. Who doesn’t like grilled meat? But the execution is sublime. Harami was the best of the five, the beef having a sweet and salty taste from the ponzu sauce, but the variety was welcome and had I not been stuffed to the gills from a much too enormous lunch, I would have tried many more.

zakkushi-edamameWe also ordered some ahi tuna sashimi ($8.20) and the ahi tuna poke that was on special and the kitchen brought us a basket of edamame ($3.00) as a thank you for moving tables to make room for a larger party and it was decent, but next time I’m going to keep it simple and just order one of everything from the grill. Maybe one of those bottles of sake off the rafters too.

Zakkushi Charcoal Grill Diner
1833 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver
(+ other locations)

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Adam Toren
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