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A Splatmaster Shoot Out with the Family at Richmond Indoor Paintball

“Fun For All Ages and Activity Levels”


If you have been looking for a unique family-friendly activity that differs from the usual picnics, playgrounds and park outing, try out the JT Splatmaster experience at Richmond Indoor Paintball. This venue offers a version of paintball that is “kid-friendly”, which means it is not as painful as regular paintball and it provides loads of shoot em’ up fun! It is the perfect activity for a birthday bash, a graduation party, group events or if you just want to shoot it out with your family and friends.

The Basics

Known as the top (and only!) indoor paintball field in Vancouver, Richmond Indoor Paintball (RIP) is proud to offer friends, families, businesses, drop-ins and kids as young as nine the perfect “Call of Duty” real life video game experience. If you have always wanted to know what being in a rapid fire war zone is like or if you want to come up with a unique activity for a celebration, Richmond Indoor Paintball has you covered.


RIP offers a massive field area to play in and there is a friendly and knowledgeable staff that are more than happy to help you with any requests you have. Now offering the JT Splatmaster experience, kids as young as 9 can jump into the fun and have a painless shoot out with family and friends. The rates are also affordable whether you want to drop-in or book an event. There are specials throughout the week that offer excellent discounts, inclusions, ladies free times and private bookings. If you are in a rush, you can review the online calendar and book online using the easy form that requires group info and the date of your requested shoot out!

If you really have a love for paintball, Airsoft or JT Splatmaster games, you can register for a membership which will save you money in the long run. Save big and play as many games as you like!


Three Highlights That Make This Family-Friendly Attraction Unique

  • It is Vancouver’s only indoor paintball field!
  • Now offering painless JT Splatmaster games so younger kids can join in the fun!
  • There are a variety of games to play and you can even create your own!


Activities and Amenities Include:

  • JT Splatmaster Games
  • Airsoft Games
  • Loads of field games from King of the Hill and Alpha Zombies to VIP Rescue and Hunger Games!
  • Masks, army jackets, coveralls, ammo, gloves and (marker) guns are all included in your experience package.
  • Paintball games
  • Neck protection, grenades, full automatics, thermal masks and vests are provided at an extra fee.


Some Things To Know Before You Go:

  • Wear running shoes with good grips that you can get messed up with sand and paint. Bring another pair of shoes to change into afterwards.
  • Save time and get this waiver signed and filled out by all participants before you go.
  • Watch a few video and tours before you play so you can become familiar with the sport and experience.
  • If you play in the summer months, wear light clothing as it gets quite hot on the field and you will sweat under the army jacket (vest) and mask provided.
  • When choosing what type of pants to wear, do not wear shorts as the Splatmaster paintballs still pack a punch. They sting for a few seconds, but if you wear long pants and the provided army jacket, you will have more cushion for a shot.
  • If you are playing with young children remind them that they cannot shoot people close up. (I learned the hard way when our 11 year old shot me in the back at point-blank range)
  • They have a special mask for people who wear glasses. Ask the staff for it if you decide to wear glasses.
  • When loading your JT Splatmaster 2200 Shotgun pull the fore-end up and move it back down before shooting. (The fore-end acts like a pump for loading and unloading paintballs) This prevents the gun from getting blocked and backed up. (I know firsthand as I was doing it all wrong!) Ask the staff for a tutorial on the Splatmaster 2200 shotgun before playing if they haven’t told you already.
  • No ninja stuff! You can’t climb under, over, through or jump on cars or do anything ninja-like on the field.
  • For anyone with long hair, it is best to put it back in a ponytail.
  • Check out Richmond Indoor Paintball’s FAQ section for more information on their games.
  • There are vending machines for a drink or snack in between games.
  • The field zone is filled with sand so it can be dusty for those with allergies or asthma. Come prepared.
  • There are lockers there for all of your valuables if you don’t want to leave things in the car. Bring your own lock.


Our Family Experience at Richmond Indoor Paintball

This is what I call “family therapy”. Some families play board games and sing songs in the car together – we decided to have a healthy and constructive shoot out filled with loads of laughs. We stopped by on a Sunday morning and got geared up for multiple games and fun! The staff were very friendly when we arrived and gave us an introduction to the JT Splatmaster experience that we were about the embark on.

After learning about the do’s and don’ts of the game, we put on our army jackets and masks and went out to check out the field area. The field is quite impressive with its broken down cars, old tires, sand bag barricades and themed buildings such as the motel, hospital, jail and RCMP.


We began our first practice game which I pretty much bailed in right from the get go. Our “light-on-her-feet pixie-like” 12 year old scared the daylights out of me when she jumped out from behind a wall and I fell back on my knee. Serves me right for not wearing running shoes with good grips. (It only ended up as a graze and bruise, so no biggy!)

After a few practice runs, we played various games like King of the Hill, VIP Rescue and Capture the Flag. When you are running around with the JT Splatmaster 2200 Shotgun you do feel a bit like you are in a video game and your adrenaline is certainly pumping. I received a few shots to the neck which stung a bit, but only for a little while. My husband also got me in the back many times when he decided to take the role of a “sniper” up in the top of the hospital building.


The games were fun, easy to understand and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. I enjoyed the VIP Rescue game the most when my husband and I were CIA and we had to rescue the President from her kidnappers and a jail cell. (see captured President Abby above)


My Final Thoughts

I believe that any family can enjoy this type of adrenaline-pumping activity and it truly is unique to regular family outings. I would recommend this type of activity and Richmond Indoor Paintball for families that are active and who are seeking a higher level of thrills and excitement when it comes to things to do in and around Vancouver, British Columbia.

* A special thank you to the owner Ryan Fitzgerald and his staff for arranging this visit and making it a fun-filled morning for our family *


Richmond Indoor Paintball

6631 Westminster Hwy

Richmond, BC V7C 1C6, Canada

Email: info@shockentertainment.ca

Phone: 604-278-8897

Website: www.ShockEntertainment.ca

By Natasha Jervis, Travel and Media Writer

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